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Even though I felt the movie was a bit slow at times, I thought it was a great example of the techniques and ideas that were encompassed in the European New Wave. I can see how the film would have been considered revolutionary when it was released and why film critics today still hail the ...Read more

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Contrary to some of the comments below, I found Breathless to be a very engrossing experience of a movie. Revolutionary when it came out and still very cool to this day. There's a reason this movie is a classic of art cinema. Also, it's the only Goddard film that I really love in addition to ...Read more

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This was boring

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Did not find it engrossing or even titillating as I expected.

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C'est un film très intéressant, mais je l'ai aimé bien. Ça fait rire quand on voit des personnes dans la rue qui ne sont pas des acteurs et ils cassent le quatrième mur.

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J'ai beaucoup aimé ce film. Les cadrages était intéressant. Le contraste entre les jump cuts et les long séquence étaient remarquable. Bien fait!

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C'est un film très unique au style de son temps. Des fois, ça va mieux d'oublier le passer (c’était un peu trop bizarre pour moi).

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Love the humor in this... Definitely, no one should ever talk like that to a lady! It's fun to watch it with people, lol.

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Cool use of jump cuts to show the passing of time and also to get the dialogue the director wanted. Also, what is with his lips?!?

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J'aime le fait qu'ils filment dans les vraies rues de Paris, et pas dans un studio.

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I love the combination of long takes and jump cuts, it gives the film a broader range of movement. Also, what's with his lips?

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Classic Nouvelle Vague. To keep it PG-13, can skip a few seconds around 58:28-58:58 (to cut out magazine containing partial nudity).

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oh dear, what a loss that seberg passed so young. she's exquisite here.

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She was definitely one of my favorites.

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The use of the jump cut is something that I find to be a very modern technique in filmmaking — something I would associate with the likes of YouTube even. When this movie was made I imagine that it would have been revolutionary as well as mind bending. That being said, I'm not terribly ...Read more

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That last line of Belmondo's though. Also it must be said that Godard has a way with capturing the beauty of gorgeous women... even if they are trapped in terrible relationships.

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Paris background, Belmondo & Seberg are great together. Totally Breathless.

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I think Breathless is one those films where critics get so involved in talking about the artifice of the craft that they miss the textures of the story itself. Its use of jump cuts, discontinuous space, and elliptical editing are of course both revolutionary and essential, and the film is the ...Read more

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Joshua, I have tried to engage with this film for nearly thirty years without success. I've found the narrative nihilistic and opaque, and been unable to feel much beyond impatience. But your commentary really opened it up for me, especially politically. Thanks!

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Cool Movie!

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My feelings as well.

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WOW! Really can't understand these two protagonists, but a very cool movie. Very avant-garde for its time.

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What's not to like?

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Still misogynistic but not yet a totally-affected Godard

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For a film to be mysoginistic it has to portray men as "inherently flawless" and portray women as "inherently flawed". Breathless does neither.

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Sorry, no- that’s not what misogynistic means

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I like the movie well.

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