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The Essence of Change
Episode 1 of The Virginia Satir Series
Virginia Satir is considered one of the early innovators of family therapy, but her pioneering techniques and heart-centered approach continue to influence new generations of practitioners. Watch Satir conduct an enlightening, interactive lecture on "the essence of change" with a…
Of Rocks and Flowers - Dealing with the Abuse of Children
Episode 2 of The Virginia Satir Series
Family therapy can be challenging to navigate for a host of clinical reasons, and therapists can quickly find themselves feeling ungrounded and at a loss for effective interventions--especially when child abuse is present. Watch renowned therapist Virginia Satir conduct an…
A Step Along the Way
Episode 3 of The Virginia Satir Series
Conducting family therapy can feel like an impossible juggling act, where complicated dynamics can make effective interventions elusive to the best of us. Successful clinicians must make sense of a family's needs as a whole, as well as facilitate work…
A Family at the Point of Growth
Episode 4 of The Virginia Satir Series
If you're working with a family recovering from abuse, assessing their progress and identifying next steps can be confounding. You might look at any number of signposts--but how do you know which to prioritize? In this video, renowned family therapist…
Blended Family with a Troubled Boy
Episode 5 of The Virginia Satir Series
Family therapy is not for the faint of heart, and if you're working with a "blended" family, its challenges can be even more mystifying. The unique and complex dynamics of step-parenting, and its impact on family communication, can be difficult…