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Part of the Series: Art21 - Season 1
With an introduction by John McEnroe in a video created by Barbara Kruger, the second half of this program turns its eye on the influences a consumerist society and pop culture exert on contemporary art and vice-versa. Featured are the…
Part of the Series: Art21 - Season 1
This episode addresses the continuing examination of the spiritual in art and life. James Turrell's works are investigated as they relate to and depart from his Quaker heritage, and through the idea of light as a metaphor for the spiritual.…
Chris and Bernie
Chris and Bernie is an intimate portrait of two 25 year old women, both working and divorced with young children. The film explores the problems they face, the solutions they've found and their hopes for the future. "One doesn't have…
Art21 - Season 1
At the dawn of the 21st century, American artists are taking self-expression and the artistic process into uncharted territory. Today's artists are engaging the world and their audiences in vital and surprising new ways. They use an enormous variety of…
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