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A lovable stuffed bear, who longs for someone to take him home, launches a storewide search for his missing button lest someone mistake him for "used."
Tikki Tikki Tembo
This folktale explains why Chinese people no longer choose long names for their children.
Frog Goes to Dinner
A frog escapes from a boy's pocket in a fancy restaurant and creates havoc for all involved.
Boy, A Dog, and A Frog
A young boy and his dog spend an afternoon trying to capture a playful frog at a nearby pond.
Frog, Where are You?
Sentenced to life in a jar, a frog sneaks away from a boy and his dog late one night and goes in search of a new home
Frog on his Own
With boy and dog in hot pursuit, a frog discovers the joys of motorboating, plays a trick on a magician and shows up as an uninvited picnic guest, alarming adults and amusing children along the way.