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Excommunication in the 19th century, sainthood in the 20th. Mary MacKillop is one of Australia's unsung heroes. Despite excommunication and exile, Mary remained determined to bring education to the poor and underprivileged. In January 1995 Mary was beatified by Pope…
Catherine Freeman
Part of the Series: Who Do You Think You Are?
Athlete Catherine Freeman goes in search of the source of her drive and determination, unearthing an unexpected family heritage. Gold medallist in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Catherine is an inspiration to many. She possesses an irrepressible pride in her…
Jack Thompson
Part of the Series: Who Do You Think You Are?
Australian acting icon Jack Thompson unearths more than a couple of surprises--and significant Australian heritage--but where does he come from and who does he think he is? Born John Hadley Pain in Sydney in 1940, Jack took on the name…
The Chakos Family
Episode 1 of Under One Roof Series
Meet the Chakos family - a lively Greek-Australian household in the Sydney suburb of Sans Souci. Energetic 60-year-old Despina is at the family's centre. She runs a weekend plant stall with her sprightly 81-year-old mum Aphrodite and cooks fabulous Greek…
Kate Ceberano
Part of the Series: Who Do You Think You Are?
Singer Kate Ceberano is convinced she is descended from 'pirates and bums' but as she delves into her family tree she uncovers links to landed gentry, as well as an artistic past. Kate's expectations are inflated when she learns that…
Desperately Seeking Sheila: Episode 7
Part of the Series: Desperately Seeking Sheila
Meet 2 more bush bachelors desperate to find a mate. 37 Year old divorcee Kenton runs a backpackers hostel in Kununurra, Western Australia. Well traveled and charismatic, he's looking for an adventurous woman to share his life. With boyish dimples…
Dennis Cometti
Part of the Series: Who Do You Think You Are?
Sports commentator Dennis Cometti finds mystery, murder and a gift for the gab as he follows his family tree back to Australia's settlement. From Meekatharra in Western Australian to northern Italy, Dennis discovers not only the hardship his grandfather faced…
The Puckeridge Family
Episode 2 of Under One Roof Series
Enter the fun and mayhem of the Puckeridge family - mum, dad and five very active children aged two to ten. Life in this household is a constant juggling act, as Sally and Dave negotiate with their kids over food,…
Desperately Seeking Sheila: Episode 1
Part of the Series: Desperately Seeking Sheila
4 bush bachelors sign up for a dating initiative in the hope of finding the woman of their dreams. Over a weekend in Perth, the guys meet a bevy of beautiful British and Aussie women before finally pairing off.
Ita Buttrose
Part of the Series: Who Do You Think You Are?
Media personality and publisher Ita Buttrose discovers determination and drive may be hereditary as she puts her journalistic skills to the test to trace her global family. She knows of a relation named William Butters who sailed from Scotland to…
Desperately Seeking Sheila: Episode 3
Part of the Series: Desperately Seeking Sheila
Love birds Ian and Katy remain head over heels but the honeymoon is over for some. Nicola is finding Ashley's bachelor ways trying and Pankaj and Nicky got off to a bumpy start.
Desperately Seeking Sheila: Episode 8
Part of the Series: Desperately Seeking Sheila
London socialite and artist Georgea is given another chance at falling in love with a bush bachelor. 39 year old cowboy Shane has got just the right credentials. Good looks, wealth and a love of horses. He takes Georgea back…
Geoffrey Robertson
Part of the Series: Who Do You Think You Are?
Barrister and human rights advocate Geoffrey Robertson QC believes that it is nurture not nature that shapes our moral integrity, but does his family history support his theory? Fifth generation Australian Geoffrey has lived in London for decades, but he…
Desperately Seeking Sheila: Episode 5
Part of the Series: Desperately Seeking Sheila
Debs brings out the best in Ashley as explore why they are both still single. Mike and Ali go bush on a camping trip and reveal that their slow burn romance is coming to a head.
Desperately Seeking Sheila
Desperately Seeking Sheila plays cupid and intervenes. Desperately Seeking Sheila follows four lonely heart bush bachelors as they sign up for a match making initiative in order to date and share their lives with girls who are prepared to give…
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Desperately Seeking Sheila: Episode 2
Part of the Series: Desperately Seeking Sheila
The guys take their respective 'sheilas' back to the bush at the start of a 3 week stay. Nicola is put to work on Ashley's farm and surprises him when she takes to farm duties like a duck to water.…
Desperately Seeking Sheila: Episode 4
Part of the Series: Desperately Seeking Sheila
Nicola has had enough. In a showdown she tells Ashley that she's leaving the farm. With a second chance at finding love, Ashley welcomes English fitness Instructor Debs.
Desperately Seeking Sheila: Episode 6
Part of the Series: Desperately Seeking Sheila
The mystery surrounding enigmatic bachelor Pankaj is revealed. Nicky finally learns the truth about his life. Feathers fly with lovebirds Ian and Katy as they prepare for a big community party at which they plan to make a big announcement,…
Who Do You Think You Are?
Australian celebrities play detective as they go in search of their family history, revealing secrets from the past. Taking us to all corners of Australia and the globe are six stories of individuals seeking to find the definitive answer to…
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Under One Roof Series
This series opens the door on contemporary family life. Inside Australian homes, it finds the ties that bind families together and the pressures that pull them apart. Each episode follows a different family negotiating the ups and downs of everyday…
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