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Maya Deren, Volume One, Dances For The Camera
This is a compilation of some of Maya Deren's most important films: The Very Eye of Night (1955), Ritual In Transfigured Time (1946), Meditation On Violence (1948), Study For Choreography And Camera (1945). These films address dance as "...the stylization…
Artists In Exile - A story of Modern Dance in San Francisco
Artists In Exile: A story of Modern Dance in San Francisco chronicles over forty years of dancemaking in the San Francisco Bay Area. The film begins with dance revolutionary Anna Halprin and highlights seminal Bay Area choreographers including Mangrove, Tumbleweed,…
Speaking of Dance: Trisha Brown
Trisha Brown has been hailed as "one of the true great experimentalists in modern dance." Ms. Brown began her career in New York City as a member of Judson Dance Theater. Since forming her own company in 1971, she has…
Dancing on The Edge Vol. 4
New highlights from ADF performances by: Elizabeth Streb/Ringside Sally Silvers Laura Dean Eiko and Koma Diquis Tiquis Nucleodanza
Speaking of Dance: Steve Paxton
A former member of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Mr. Paxton is best known for his development of contact improvisation starting in 1972. He was a co-founder of the Judson Dance Theater and later the Grand Union and has been…
Jose Limon Technique with Daniel Lewis
This is a step by step demonstration of the Limon technique. Unlike a class, this is a careful explanation of this highly stylized dance technique with accurate demonstrations by Limon-trained dancers.
Ai-Amour, Carlotta Ikeda and Her Butoh
This film, directed by Kamal Musale and shot in locations around Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, and France is a documentary of the work of choreographer Carlotta Ikeda and her collaboration with dancer Ko Murobushi and the Ariadone Company. With strong images…
Meredith Monk
Meredith Monk is a composer, singer, filmmaker, and director/choreographer. This tape includes interviews and excerpts from performance. A pioneer in what is now called "extended vocal technique" and "interdisciplinary performance," Ms. Monk has created more than 80 works of music,…
Dancing on The Edge, Volume Two
Includes highlights from ADF performances by: Erick Hawkins Dance Co. Sukarji Sriman Chuck Davis' African-American Dance Ensemble Guangdong Modern Dance Co. Pilobolus Molissa Fenley Sutki.
The World of Alwin Nikolais-Program 1
The dances performed are: "Crucible" "Men's Duet" from Mechanical Organ "Mantis" from Imago "Cave" from Tent Kennedy Center Honor of Alwin Nikolais plus "Tensile Involvement"
Classical Indian Dance /Two Bharatanatyam Dances
In this tape, Swati and Jyoti Argade perform two classical Indian Dances in the Bharatanatyam style. "Natyanjali" (An Invocation of Dance) and "Krishna Keertana" (Song in Praise of Lord Krishna), choreographed by the Dhananjayans of Adyar, Madras, are each shown…
The World of Alwin Nikolais Program 3
The dances performed are: "Pond" "Opening Dance" from Mechanical Organ "Clothes" form Kaleidoscope "Quintet" from Mechanical Organ "First Dance" from Gallery "Duet" from Mechanical Organ "Descent to Hell" from Tent
Eiko and Koma/ Land
In this videotape by director Douglas Rosenberg, the full-length piece "Land" has been restaged for the camera. Also included are interviews with Eiko and Koma in which they speak about their creative process and the creation of "Land", which was…
Shirley Clarke: Dances For the Camera
Ms. Clarke's dance films, though rarely seen, are seminal in the history of dance for the camera. This film features: Dance in the Sun (1953) with Daniel Nagrin, In Paris Parks (1954), Bullfight (1955), Moment in Love (1956) with Anna…
Six Solos: Li Chiao-Ping Dances
This documentary, directed by Douglas Rosenberg, follows the progress of "The Cross-Cultural Choreography Commissioning Project" or "The Men's Project," a bold and innovative undertaking in which dancer Li Chiao-Ping commissioned six male choreographers of international stature to choreograph solo dance…
The World of Alwin Nikolais Program 2
The dances performed are: "Opening Dance" form Gallery "Finale" from Mechanical Organ "Boulevard" from Imago "Hoop" from Totem "Noumenon" "Finale" from Totem
The World of Alwin Nikolais Program 4
The dances performed are: "Triple Trio" from Gallery "Jump Dance" from Totem "Kites" from Imago "Shadow Opening" from Totem "Celebrants" from Totem "Blank on Blank" "Sanctum"
With My Red Fires
Doris Humphrey's dance-drama of possessive and vindictive maternal love in a harshly ritualistic and demagogic society. The cast is led by Dalienne Majors, Nina Watt, and Raymond Johnson. Filmed at the American Dance Festival in 1972, the first film is…
Jazzdance by Danny Buraczeski
Choreographer Danny Buraczeski and notable dancers from the company's 25 year history explore the world of "Jazzdance by Danny Buraczeski" through interviews and dance excerpts.
Asian/Asian-American Perspectives On Modern Dance
Choreographers Kumiko Kimoto, Sun Ock Lee, Mel Wong and moderator Peggy Choy discuss how Asian and Asian-American issues and identity shape their work. The panel discussion is intercut with excerpts of work performed by each choreographer. The participants each offer…