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Operation Small Axe - Police Terrorism and Resistance in Oakland, CA
Operation Small Axe takes a raw and unflinching look at life under police terrorism in Oakland. Through the stories of Oscar Grant, Lovelle Mixon, and POCC Minister of Information JR Valrey, the film focuses on the occupation of Oakland's communities…
Search For The Everlasting Coconut Tree
Search For The Everlasting Coconut Tree chronicles the journey of musician and mentor WolfHawkJaguar (Adimu Madyun). As a facilitator for DetermiNation, a Black men's Group at United Roots in Oakland, California, WolfHawkJaguar is known for helping young men go from…
Reflections: A Warrior Spirit Art Experience
In the sorrowlands of Oakland, California, a collective of artists came together to heal the community.