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There's No 'I' in Hockey
Episode 1 of Wapos Bay
To beat hockey hotshot Melanie, T-Bear must learn a new and difficult skill: teamwork
Journey Through Fear
Episode 2 of Wapos Bay
T-Bear and Jacob climb an observation tower. Afraid to come down, they instead stage a sit-in. Meanwhile, Raven really doesn't want to go out on a boat.
Raiders of the Lost Art
Episode 19 of Wapos Bay
On a field trip, Mr. Darien's school class discovers ancient cave paintings. But the boys are more concerned about artists closer to home who have been defacing buildings with graffiti.
Dance, Dance
Episode 18 of Wapos Bay
Jacob wants T-Bear to take up his old hobby, wrestling. How can T-Bear tell him that he's more interested in something else?
Hardest Lesson
Episode 20 of Wapos Bay
Raven Brass, Trevor Cameron, Lorne Cardinal
Episode 23 of Wapos Bay
A water outing ends with Devon sick to his stomach, and Talon and T-Bear covered in rashes. Raven befriends a girl at day camp who has a secret.
Dance Monkey Dance
Episode 21 of Wapos Bay
When Jacob discovers a game on T-Bear's computer, he can't stop dancing.
A Time for Pride
Episode 24 of Wapos Bay
To drum up pride in Wapos Bay, Jacob takes the boys on a tour and organizes a parade.
Lights, Camera, Action
Episode 17 of Wapos Bay
The boys make a movie for a school project to honor Treaty Day, assisted by visiting film star Adam Beach. But Talon and T-Bear have very different ideas about what the movie should be like.
Self Improvement
Episode 22 of Wapos Bay
Jacob's house is falling apart, but T-Bear has an idea. Soon reality show host Mike Holmes is in town, much to the delight of the local ladies.
Raven Power
Episode 16 of Wapos Bay
Raven feels that the women of Wapos Bay are taken for granted. But when she tells Sarah and Kokum, they decide to do something about it
They Dance at Night
Episode 3 of Wapos Bay
Raven just learned to whistle, and doesn't listen as Talon warns her not to do it around the Northern Lights.
Breakin Too
Episode 25 of Wapos Bay
Rapper Iced Latte comes to town for a concert. But the local parents don't like the idea. Meanwhile T-Bear wins two tickets and has to decide who to give the other to.
Episode 9 of Wapos Bay
T-Bear catches some strange creatures on video that may be the legendary Bigfoot. Many outsiders come to town, including a familiar guy named Steve.
Wapos Bay
The stop motion adventures of a family on a reservation in Northern Saskatchewan. This award-winning series offers a humorous look at aboriginal life while teaching life lessons and showing positive role models for children.
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Tricks 'n' Treats
Episode 12 of Wapos Bay
It's Halloween and the adults have a scary story to tell the kids. But is it more than just a story?
The Hunt
Episode 13 of Wapos Bay
Kokhum Mary is up for an aboriginal achievement award. The men go hunting for a ceremonial feather in her honor, but find something else entirely.
A Mother's Earth
Episode 14 of Wapos Bay
Raven has to give a report on her cultural identity, while the boys prepare to enter the sweat lodge.
Going for the Gold
Episode 15 of Wapos Bay
A spirit dog comes to Talon in his dreams, telling him to train for the Indigenous Games. But in what sport?
It Came from Out There
Episode 26 of Wapos Bay
Mysterious lights flash through the sky, and soon the boys are convinced that they're facing an alien invasion.