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2008: Laura
Episode 1 of My Place Series 1
Laura accidentally sinks a dinghy in the canal and the ashes of the owner's beloved dog are lost in the muddle. She can't find a way to own up. Meanwhile, her mob get together to listen to the Prime Minister's…
The Nightmare Before Graduation
Episode 27 of Little Lunch
The countdown to Christmas and summer holidays is exciting every year but no more so than now, when Mrs Gonsha's class is graduating from Grade 6. Everyone is thrilled to be going to High School, even Debra-Jo, who has been…
The Principal's Office
Episode 1 of Little Lunch
When Rory is punished and sent to the Principal's office, the other kids surprisingly feel sorry for him and try to cheer him up.
The Halloween Horror Story
Episode 28 of Little Lunch
No one loves Halloween more than Atticus so he's delighted to be starring in the school play, written especially for Halloween. But when Atticus' mother gets a job in Singapore, he discovers that the day of the play will be…
The Top Of The Fireman's Pole
Episode 5 of Little Lunch
After Mrs Gonsha bravely rescues a tiny boy from the top of the playground equipment, she becomes stuck herself, and the kids must get her down.
The Dress Up Day
Episode 2 of Little Lunch
On Dress-Up-As-What-You-Want-To-Be-When-You-Grow-Up-Day, Battie dresses up as Stretcho, his very own made up super hero.
First Day
First Day is a documentary that follows the lives of 11 young Australians as they experience their first day at school. We follow the children and their families in the weeks leading up to the first day and observe the…
1988: Lily's
Episode 3 of My Place Series 1
Lily's cousin Phoung arrives with her parents from Vietnam. But the trophy cousin turns out to be a real threat to Lily's status at home and at school.
The Lost and Found Box
Episode 6 of Little Lunch
After Debra-Jo loses her glasses the children take her to the Lost and Found box to look for them, where they discover all their long-lost own belongings.
The Monkey Bars
Episode 4 of Little Lunch
Tamara refuses to share the monkey bars but, for once, Melanie won't give in and get off.
The Ya-Ya
Episode 3 of Little Lunch
While Atticus' parents are away, his Ya-Ya (grandmother) looks after him and sends disgusting lunches with him to school.
Language of Belonging - Wadu Matyidi
Language of Belonging is a multi-platform education resource based on the ground breaking Indigenous short animation Wadu Matyidi and the five accompanying behind the scenes mini documentaries. Designed specifically for Primary-aged students, this diverse learning program gives students the opportunity…
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The Kiss-Chasey Oval
Episode 9 of Little Lunch
Tamara unexpectedly wants to play kiss chasey but the only person she want to chase and kiss is Battie.
The Girls Toilets
Episode 8 of Little Lunch
Melanie is caught in the middle when Debra-Jo and Tamara stop speaking to each other and insist that Melanie must pick a side.
The Milk Bar
Episode 7 of Little Lunch
After Rory forgets his lunch and, in desperation, decides to go to the milk bar, he must convince the other kids to keep his secret from Mrs Gonsha.
The Beep Test
Episode 12 of Little Lunch
Tamara is excited about doing the beep test fitness assessment, but after she sprains her ankle and can't join in, she decides to be Debra-Jo's beep test coach instead.
1998: Mohammed
Episode 2 of My Place Series 1
Mohammed is a mad-keen bowler and is desperate to join the cricket team at his new school. However, there are no available places and so he ends up playing with the girls' team, who prove to be the better side.
The Band
Episode 11 of Little Lunch
Bored during a rainy little lunch, Atticus starts a band and makes Battie reluctantly join too.
1878: Henry
Episode 1 of My Place Series 2
Despite one failed invention after another, young Henry knows in his heart that he's a brilliant inventor. Against the advice of his friend Franklin, Henry conducts his biggest experiment ever ... but succeeds only in blowing up the local schoolhouse.
The Stubbies Collection
The Australian Children's Television Foundation has taken some of its most entertaining, engaging and creative short form content and packaged it all together. The STUBBIES collection supports teachers to encourage students to be creative and develop higher order thinking skills.…
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