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Science Key Concepts: Biology
Lessons on key concepts in Biology Clip #1: "Part 1: Cellular Energy and Metabolism" - Clip #2: "Part 2: Cells and Tissues" - Clip #3: "Part 3: Energy Transfer and Biogeochemical" - Clip #4: "Part 4: Homeostasis" - Clip #5:…
7 videos
Algebra: A Piece of Cake
Covers variable, numerical substitution, algebraic conventions, developing algebraic formulas from number patterns. Clip #1: "Algebra: A Piece of Cake Part 1" - Clip #2: "Algebra: A Piece of Cake Part 2" -
2 videos
Similar triangles --finding an unknown height in a similar triangle --tangent ratios of varying angles --hypotenuse, adjacent, and opposite sides --using a calculator to find the tangent ratio of any angle --using tangent ratios to find an unknown adjacent or…
2 videos
Slopes: That's a Little bit Steep
Part of the Series: Math Series 1
Key concepts explained: horizontal and vertical lines, positive and negative slopes, calculating a slope by measuring its rise and run, and calculating a slope by using two points on a coordinate plane.
Problem Solving
The five steps to problem solving: read and re-read the problem, identify important information, choose a strategy, solve, check the answer --the six strategies to choose from: guessing and checking, using a simpler related problem, discovering patterns, drawing pictures and…
2 videos
Science Key Concepts: Chemistry
Lessons on key concepts in Chemistry Clip #1: "Part 8: Molecular Motion" - Clip #2: "Part 9: Electrochemistry" - Clip #3: "Part 10: The Reactivity of Elements" - Clip #4: "Part 11: The Properties of Natural Resources" - Clip #5:…
9 videos
Math Series 1
A math series designed for grades 7th to 9th to help students learn and understand math concepts.
6 videos
Factoring is Fantastic
Key concepts explained: Factoring, terms, expressions, finding the greatest common factor(s), and factoring polynomial expressions that are the sums or differences of terms with common factors. This starts with a review of numerical factors and greatest common factors, and moves…
2 videos
Integer Operations into Negative Zone
Key concepts explained: negative numbers, integers, addition and subtraction of integers. Clip #1: "Part 1: Adding and Subtracting" - Clip #2: "Part 2: Multiplying and Dividing" -
2 videos
Linear Equations and Their Graphs
Key concepts explained: linear equations and their graphs, and the domain of an equation. Clip #1: "Linear Equations and Their Graphs Part 1" - Clip #2: "Linear Equations and Their Graphs Part 2" -
2 videos
Percentages: That Make Sense
Part of the Series: Math Series 1
Key concepts explained: converting percentages into decimals and fractions, and converting decimals and fractions into percentages. Taking examples from the widespread use of percentages in everyday life from the percentage of cappuchinos to regular coffee a coffee shop sells, to…
Math Series 2
Math lessons including Geometry, Probability, Problem Solving, Trigonometry and Ratios.
5 videos
Key concepts: formulas for a parallelogram (square, rectangle, and rhombus) & formulas for a trapezoid & triangle. Clip #1: "Part 1: Areas of 2 Dimensionals Figures" - Clip #2: "Part 2: Surface Areas of Solids" - Clip #3: "Part 3:…
3 videos
Expressing a probability between certainty and impossible as the likelihood of an uncertain event occurring --conducting and recording probability experiments using small and large number trials with replacement --calculating the theoretical probability of a particular event occurring --expressing probabilities as…
2 videos
Science Key Concepts Series
Science lessons includingBiology, Chemistry and Key Concepts.
3 videos
Science Key Concepts: Physics
Lessons on key concepts in Physics Clip #1: "Part 17: Waves" - Clip #2: "Part 18: The Electromagnetic Spectrum" - Clip #3: "Part 19: Electricity and Magnetism" - Clip #4: "Part 20: Force and Motion" - Clip #5: "Part 21:…
6 videos
Part of the Series: Math Series 2
A Lesson on Ratios