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Carole Laurin - Reflections on Interprofessional Care
These videos present a stroke survivor's sincere account of her experiences with the health care system. Ms. Laurin's14-minute speech, followed by an interview, offers realistic suggestions as to how barriers in communication and collaboration between health care providers may be…
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Facilitating Interprofessional Collaboration with Students
These videos highlight key teaching principles, potential facilitation challenges and provide examples of effective facilitation with interprofessional groups of students. Clip #1: "Icebreakers" - Clip #2: "Group Norms: Put your hands up" - Clip #3: "Group Norms: Why it worked…
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Collaboration in Primary Care: A Professional Development Multi-Media Toolkit
These video clips presents the Primary Care Setting; providing both the tools that may be used to encourage an understanding of why and how interprofessional collaboration can assist in enhancing patient and provide satisfaction. Clip #1: "Who is This?" -…
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Student Experiences in Interprofessional Education
These videos present scenes with health professional students serving as primary characters who test elements of collaboration in their workplace. Clip #1: "Taking Over" - Clip #2: "Scope of Practice" - Clip #3: "Team Pressure" - Clip #4: "Discharge Plan"…
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Interprofessional Education and Collaboration in Primary Care
These videos present video clip examples that can be used within the Primary Care Setting to assist in teaching students from different disciplines who may be working together in primary care. Clip #1: "Workload" - Clip #2: "Interruption" - Clip…
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Don't These People Talk to Each Other?
Part of the Series: Interprofessional Education Collection
These videos present a 21-minute documentary that links the evidence for interprofessional care, the need for it from the patients' perspectives and the important link with interprofessional education.
Interprofessional Education Collection
Interprofessional care is being considered one of the solutions to address the health human resource shortages faced in many countries. In order for health care providers to practice in an interprofessional manner, they need to know"how" to collaborate. The Centre…
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