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Nicaragua - No Pasaran
In 1978 the revolutionary Sandinista movement came to government after 43 years of organised resistance and the death of 50,000 Nicaraguans. This film follows charismatic guerilla leader Tomas Borge opposing CIA attempts to overthrow the Sandinistas.
Chile: When Will it End? - Chile: Hasta Cuando?
A portrait of a brutal military dictatorship made during a three month visit to Chile in 1985 by David Bradbury. The footage reveals a country torn with civil strife and political unrest.
An account of the Vietnam war as seen through the camera of Australian journalist Neil Davis. Vietnam was a television war, a war said to have been lost in the lounge rooms of middle America and not on the battlefield.
South of the Border - South American Hardship Expressed through Music
Examines how the political and economic struggle in Central America is expressed through the vibrant and passionate music of the people south of the border, from Mexico to Managua.
A Hard Rain
Traversing five countries - China, France, UK, Japan and Australia, A Hard Rain exposes the hidden agendas behind the latest push for Australia to go nuclear and presents a compelling--and frightening--argument against allowing this to happen. Directed by David Bradbury.
Fond Memories of Cuba
Set to vibrant Cuban music this film expresses the passionate vitality of the Cuban people and their willingness to embrace life and "get on with it" despite the challenges facing the island nation.
Wamsley's War - Saving Australia's Endangered Wildlife
A wealthy man in his sixties with a PhD in mathematics, Wamsley is taking on the conservation establishment. Underneath his famous feral cat hat, Dr John Wamsley is a man with a mission: to become Australia's biggest private landowner and…
The Battle for Byron - The Byron Shire Community Unites to End Harmful Urban Development
It tracked the struggle over four years of the community to stop developers, including Club Med making Byron shire into another Gold Coast... This film tells the story of how an impassioned community committed to free speech and sustainable co-existence…
The Battle for Byron II - The Push for Development Continues in Byron Bay
From the festive New Years Evening in Byron to the controversial rock wall on millionaires' row at Belongil beach. The weird and colourful...the everyday stuff that makes Byron shire unique. From the vibrant - the first Women's Festival in Mullum;…
Public Enemy Number One
For most of his working life, controversial Australian journalist Wilfred Burchett chose to report from the "other side". His unorthodox views and activities caused him to be labelled a traitor by many.
Loggerheads - Saving Australia's Forests
A very personal film because it started when Bradbury woke up to find the serenity and peace he sought, living on the edge of a rainforest in northern NSW with his family, shattered by the sound of chainsaws and the…
State of Shock
The 1981 murder trial of Alwyn Peter made Australian legal history when his defence lawyer successfully argued that charges of murder and manslaughter were inappropriate for dispossessed, semi-tribal Aborigines.
On Borrowed Time - A Dying Man's Reflection on Life and Death
In early 2009, Paul was diagnosed with liver cancer and given six months to live. Bradbury picked up his story in mid 2009. Paul had little chance to live given Australia's poor track record for organ donation and Paul's rare…
Blowin' in the Wind
A deeply disturbing film about the use and effects of Depleted Uranium munitions in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and how this danger is now coming to our backyard. Directed by David Bradbury.
The struggle of the Mirrar people against the Jabiluka Uranium mine. Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) pushes to open a new uranium mine that is surrounded by the World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park. Directed by David Bradbury.
Raul the Terrible
Raul Castells is a modern day Argentinian Robin Hood. This is a warts-and-all portrait of a man driven to change the world and a frightening insight into the politics of poverty.