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Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure
A summer playing pirates takes a surprise turn for Franklin with the appearance of his Aunt Lucy and her goddaughter, Sam.
Franklin Plays the Game / Franklin Wants a Pet
Episode 1 of Franklin Season 1
In "Franklin Plays The Game", Franklin is not looking forward to playing soccer for his team always loses. During a practice, Franklin notices how his teammates play and suggest they practice every day to get to know their positions. Eventually,…
Little Bear Movie
Little Bear and Father Bear are camping when Little Bear meets a new friend named Cub. Cub is a bear, just like Little Bear, but he lives in the wild. Little Bear and Cub have lots to learn about each…
Franklin Back to School Special
Franklin can't wait to get back to class. Finally, the first day of school arrives and Mr. Owl's students get a big surprise!
Franklin and Friends: Polar Explorer
Franklin's Great Aunt Harriet's heirloom key opens a special Navigation Bar, the coordinates send Franklin and his parents on an adventure that will take them to the North and South Pole!! With a husky Polar Bear Ranger as their host…
Chaos 101
Episode 1 of Class of the Titans
It's New Years Eve and Cronus escapes from Tartarus! When he learns of the prophecy, Cronus frees the Giants and unleashes the fearsome Typhoeus in order to stop Jay, Herry and Atlanta from discovering their destiny.
Franklin and Friends: Deep Sea Voyage
A tropical island vacation with the Turtle family and Bear turns into an underwater exploration adventure! Franklin and Bear are thrilled when Mr. Turtle surprises the boys with a tour of their favorite submarine rescue sub, the Aqua-Rescue 3000, only…
Cluny The Scourge: Part 1
Episode 1 of Redwall
Matthias the mouse is orphaned when the vile rat Cluny The Scourge destroys his township. Adopted by the generous creatures of Redwall Abbey, he grows up to admire their legendary protector, Martin The Warrior.
Franklin and the Green Knight
Everyone in Woodland is very tired of the winter, and they fear that spring may never arrive. Franklin is particularly excited about the arrival of spring because that is also when his new baby brother or sister will be born
Franklin Rides a Bike / Franklin Is Messy
Episode 5 of Franklin Season 1
In "Franklin Rides A Bike", Franklin noticed all his friends are riding their bikes without training wheels. At first, he was a little embarrassed with his training wheels but with the help of his mother, he learned how to finally…
Tears of Sadness
Episode 1 of The Neverending Story
When Bastian arrives in Fantasia he discovers that some of the citizens have turned into frozen statues. Realizing it's coming from the water, Bastian collects a strange potion from Urgl and travels with Barktroll and Falkor to the Fountain of…
Franklin Goes to School / Franklin Is Lost
Episode 3 of Franklin Season 1
In "Franklin Goes to School", Franklin is excited about the first day of school. However, he is also scared as to the expectations. He then learns what school is all about and even drew a picture of his family to…
Badou's Best Adventure / The Council Of Crowns
Badou's Best Adventure : Badou is on quest with Babar. The Council Of Crowns : Andi is left our of the Council of Crowns.
Hurry Up, Franklin / Franklin's Bad Day
Episode 2 of Franklin Season 1
In "Hurry Up, Franklin", Franklin heads over to his best Friend Bear's surprise birthday party. However, Franklin tends to take his take as he is sidetracked with nature's beauty. He enjoys the adventure and even picks up treasures along the…
Little Bear's Tooth / Little Red Riding Hood / Little Bear and the Cupcakes
Episode 6 of Little Bear Season 2
Little Bear's Tooth : When Little Bear's first tooth comes loose Little Bear's friends suggest ways to extract the tooth in order to speed the visit from the tooth fairy. Little Red Riding Hood : When Granny is asked to…
The Santa Claus Brothers
Santa Claus has three sons. And there's a reason why they aren't in charge of Christmas. At one hundred fifty years old the Claus triplets are still mere adolescents with a lot of growing up to do. Unfortunately the boys'…
Franklin's Visitor / Franklin Not-So-Broken Bone
Episode 1 of Franklin Season 2
In "Franklin's Visitor", Mr. Mole's grandson visits and Franklin has to keep him company until he leaves. Mr. Mole's grandson doesn't seem to be interested in anything Franklin wants to do so Franklin has to find a way to compromise.…
Franklin Has a Sleepover / Franklin's Halloween
Episode 4 of Franklin Season 1
In "Franklin has a Sleepover", Franklin has Bear over. However, towards the end of the night, Bear was feeling homesick. Franklin helped Bear overcome his fear and had a wonderful night. In "Franklin's Halloween", it's Halloween and everyone's buzzing about.…
Chaos 102
Episode 2 of Class of the Titans
Theresa, Odie and Archie arrive to find New Olympia hit with a power blackout. When the heroes investigate they find and defeat the Typheous, but not before CRONUS sets a diabolical plan in motion! Is this the end of the…
What Will Little Bear Wear / Hide and Seek / Little Bear Goes to the Moon
Episode 1 of Little Bear Season 1
What Will Little Bear Wear : Little Bear would like to play in the snow. He asks Mother Bear to make him a hat, pants and coat to keep him warm. He finally decides what he needs to keep him…