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There is a Dog
Episode 1 of Wilfred Series 1
When Adam is invited back to Sarah's place after meeting her at a concert it all seems too good to be true, until he's introduced to Sarah's dog, Wilfred. Wilfred offers him a bong and quickly sizes up Adam as…
House of Food Obsessives
Prof Tim Sharp believes that people's eating issues are simply a symptom of their unhappiness and by using the techniques of positive psychology he can help anyone become happier. Because of this Tim believes he can help cure food and…
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Dogs of War
Episode 3 of Wilfred Series 1
Sarah is aware of the growing tension between Wilfred and Adam and calls a meeting. She demands a ceasefire. Adam apologises to Wilfred and Wilfred says, "No hard feelings." It seems like they're all friends, but as soon as Sarah's…
The Dog Whisperer
Episode 5 of Wilfred Series 1
The doorbell rings. It's TV vet Jack Underwood. He has received Adam and Sarah's letter and has come to help Wilfred with his behavioural problems. Jack spends some 'one-on-one' time with Wilfred who is on his best behaviour. Jack and…
Walking the Dog
Episode 4 of Wilfred Series 1
Adam and Sarah are taking Wilfred to the beach. In the car, they talk about Astrology - Wilfred doesn't relate to his star sign. At the beach, Adam and Sarah share some quality time together as Wilfred plays in the…
Dog Day Afterglow
Episode 2 of Wilfred Series 1
Adam and Sarah's relationship is blossoming. When things are at their best, Sarah takes the opportunity to tell Adam how important it is that he and Wilfred get on well. She gives Adam the 'single mum' speech: She and Wilfred…
Dog Eat Dog
Episode 6 of Wilfred Series 1
Sarah sees an 'old friend' on TV. Adam and Wilfred, being on each other's wavelength, crack jokes about this 'old friend'. Their mirth comes to a grinding halt when Keith turns up on the doorstep. Keith is a well known…
Jail Birds - Episode 1
Part of the Series: Jail Birds
Jonathon Welch starts a choir in Victoria's Tarrengower low security women's prison, believing that singing together can change people's lives.
The Dog Father
Episode 6 of Wilfred Series 2
Wilfred is romancing, Caddy, one of the local dogs, while Adam and Sarah receive a visit from Adam's extraordinarily good looking and clever brother, Spencer, with the expected consequences.
Ice Dog Cometh
Episode 5 of Wilfred Series 2
A holiday to the snow takes a bad turn when Wilfred, Adam and Sarah meet sexed-up Swedish couple Lars, Hilda and their dog Annika. Wilfred suffers performance anxiety.
Jail Birds - Episode 3
Part of the Series: Jail Birds
Jonathon Welch's music program inside Tarrengower women's prison is visited by country and western star Kasey Chambers who helps the women write their own songs and the choir performs at the Castlemaine Fringe Festival.
Kiss Me Kat
Episode 1 of Wilfred Series 2
Adam decides that the only way to stop he and Sarah fighting so much is to ask her to marry him - but what has Wilfred done with the engagement ring?
Jail Birds - Episode 2
Part of the Series: Jail Birds
Can Jonathon instill enough confidence in the Tarrengower prisoners to actually change their lives through singing? A performance at Victoria's maximum security prison tests the women to the limit.
Subtopia - Artist Adrian Doyle
Adrian Doyle is the dynamic face of the urban art world in Melbourne. A world where you have to be part artist, part academic, part entrepreneur and part social activist to succeed. A world where life and work are inseparably…
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Dog of a Town Pt 1
Episode 2 of Wilfred Series 2
Sarah takes Adam home to Nambour to meet her family and get nude while Wilfred rekindles hostilities with his old man.
Inside the Firestorm
On 7th February 2009, Australia suffered its worst peacetime disaster. 'Black Saturday' claimed 173 lives, left more than 7,000 homeless and destroyed close to half a million hectares of Victorian bushland. One year on, this is the story of what…
Jail Birds
Prisoners at Maldon's Tarrengower Prison are the focus of a television choir program Jail Birds featuring Jonathon Welch who has experienced prior success with the TV production Choir of Hard Knocks. The four part documentary series follows Jonathon as he…
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Jail Birds - Episode 4
Part of the Series: Jail Birds
Jonathon Welch and the Tarrengower prisoners must prove the choir project has been a success at a final concert with Kasey Chambers, in front of Corrections Victoria officials.
Wilfred Series 1
Wilfred is an Australian comedy television series that follows the lives of the eponymous dog Wilfred, his owner Sarah, and her boyfriend Adam, who sees Wilfred as a man in a dog suit. Adam can hardly believe his luck when…
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Wilfred Series 2
A boy, a girl and a bong smoking dog who thinks he's human...continue their dysfunctional love triangle. When Adam asks Sarah to marry him and she says "yes", her jealous mutt Wilfred unleashes his own special brand of hell.
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