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Morganna Roberts - A Kissing Bandits Mystery
Part of the Series: ESPN Interstitials
In 1969, Morganna Roberts, not yet known as the "Kissing Bandit," ran onto Riverfront Stadium's infield and kissed Pete Rose. The act, simple enough, caused a stir in the reserved sanctum of Major League Baseball. But to the surprise of…
Healing Agent: Concussed - The NFL Afterlife of Craig McEwen
Part of the Series: ESPN Interstitials
In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Craig McEwen was living the dream as a tight end in the NFL for the Washington Redskins and San Diego Chargers. He was a lunchpail guy, knowing he had to stay on the…
Spiders: A NCAA Soccer Team's Fight For Survival
Part of the Series: ESPN Interstitials
Watch The Richmond Spiders fight for survival.
TOONS: Satirical Animation
The TOONS series from Roopstigo presents short animated films that present satires on some of sports most famous events and characters over the recent decades, including "Tiger Is Back: Or Is He?" which explores the love-hate relationship golf announcers have…
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ODD: All That's Weird & Unusual In Sports
This series of films from Roopstigo profiles some of the most unusual sports played globally and wil make you both laugh and disbelieve. The series includes the following films: Fear the Ferret: The Trouser Games, Dwile Flonking, Prose Tuesday: The…
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The Prospect: A Blue Chipper's Road Back
Part of the Series: ESPN Interstitials
In 2008, defensive lineman Sidell Corley was a blue-chip phenom out of Mobile's McGill-Toolen High School. Every major college in the nation recruited him, from Alabama to Auburn, from Notre Dame to Florida. During the process, his family was offered…
Healing Agent: Tank Maneuvers with Tank Black
Part of the Series: ESPN Interstitials
Infamous sports agent Tank Black spent 2,875 days in jail. He received consecutive sentences for fraud and money-laundering, costing his clients an estimated $13.5 million. Even so, it was considered a harsh punishment for a first-time offender with no prior…
A Night At Jai Alai - Remains of a Baby Boomers' Icon
Part of the Series: ESPN Interstitials
The little known sport of Jai Alai boasts to be the fastest sport on the planet**, with balls traveling at velocities over 180 mph**. Its novelty spread its way throughout Florida in the 1960's**,** but over time the lack of…
Healing Agent: Luther Wright - The Weight of the World
As the first made-for-mobile sports reality show, Roopstigo presents Healing Agent, starring former sports agent Greg Marotta and directed by Emmy-award winner Frank Belmont. Healing Agent, an original series, puts the lens on fallen pros as Marotta guides them through…
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ESPN Interstitials
Roopstigo is the revolutionary digital network that presents original sports content on demand for fans who demand more. The series includes some of the most interesting and weird facts about sport and events in sporting history. The "ODD: All That's…
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