How can we help?
Why do I need to be a member of a library to access Kanopy?
Kanopy partners with public libraries who, through their generous funding, make it possible for you to watch thoughtful entertainment on your preferred device with no fees and no commercials. Start watching with your library card today!
Can I purchase a personal subscription to Kanopy?
You can only access Kanopy through participating libraries. We do not offer individual subscriptions.
I don’t have a library card
Kanopy is only available through libraries, so you need to be a member of a participating library to start watching Kanopy. Click here to check if your local library has made Kanopy available and contact them to apply for a library card.
How do I know if my library has made Kanopy available?
If your library has made Kanopy available, it will appear in the previous 'Find Your Public Library' page. You can search by library name, or by the library’s location with your city name or zip code. Click here to check if your library offers Kanopy.
Can I sign up through a library that is not my local library?
In most cases, you will need to live within the city, county, or state that the library is in, however, there are some libraries that allow out-of-area memberships for a fee. It is best to check with the library you are interested in connecting through to find the membership requirements.
I am trying to connect to my university/college library
Let’s get you back on track! Click here to find out if your university/college library has made Kanopy available.
I couldn’t find my library
We are partnering with new libraries each week and hope yours will be one soon! We encourage you to reach out to your library directly and let them know of your interest in Kanopy.