The 100-Year-Old Man
Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared

The 100-Year-Old Man - Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared
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A sweet and fun movie with unexpected twists and a fun simple yet effective story!

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Darker Forrest Gump
but funnier, with more heart
and more explosions.

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Good movie! I enjoyed watching it. Black comedy light.

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How do I watch it in Swedish? I hate dubbing so much I'd rather not see it at all this way.

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I enjoyed the movie and it seemed pretty true to the book. A farce that you will have fun with!

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This film is so unpredictable, and subtly funny, that it was worth a watch. It's one of those films that will keep you chucking for days as you recall the situations and the characters.

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This movie is filled with action, and adventures.....and it reverts back in time as the 100 year old man goes through history's famous characters. There is humor for sure. I would need to re-watch in order to fully understand some of that past historic scenes.

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Tried reading the book but found it to slow and found the movie a perfect rendition of the story line and plot. Very funny, and filmed along the line of "Forest Gump". Lovely film and surprisingly sweet the way it unfolds, with the right tempo of humor, history and plot. Great film all ...Read more

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Oh My Goodness, laughter, fun, unpredictable, a joy to watch.

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Frank Sherman

If I Live to be 100 (not very far away if I'm being, honest) then I know for sure Buster will be gone. This movie might actually be too hard for me to watch (right now) and it might even fr*cking make me tear up. So. Not going to watch.

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This movie is just plain fun to watch. It is absurd and unpredictable but hysterically funny. Go for it..

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fun movie! still, the book is way way better.

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yay kanopy and NY public library. . never heard of this one, enjoyed a lot. much better than most Hollywood comedies.

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loved the movie, Very romantic. love the service too! so glad to watch movies while traveling in Indonesia!!!

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a nice movie to inspire and set in motion the sense of adventure and life within.

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SO stoked this is on kanopy. saw this a while ago on nflix before i discovered kanopy via my employee/alumni access at my academic institution. this one is a true gem.

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