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So much to admire here. Great performances and direction. I thought the shift in the narrative at midpoint was very effective. I can't think of a better portrayal of the brutal randomness of armed conflict. The backdrop of the Estonian WWII experience makes this an especially poignant ...Read more

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I watched a little but could not stick with it. Putting aside the nearly 100% kill rate Estonian soldiers had fighting against a Soviet army in the opening sequences, an army that had defeated the Germans and was generally well led in 1944 there was another almost visceral problem, For all ...Read more

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This was a good war film and kept my interest. Some of the scenes were intense. It shows just how random and indiscriminate the suffering can be in war.

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excellent. good use of music. rang true.

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Intense with some good acting and story line

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Good movie !

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This is one of the best WWII I've ever seen. Five Stars!

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Probably the most important film ever made about war. Wonderful script and directed with superb feelings of the writer.
Beautifully photographed and edited The sound is absolutely fitting for an award too.
This is a MUST SEE!
Realistic to the core.
Five Stars!

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Frank Sherman

Holy sh*t. I am (was) moved. Wasn't alive in 1944 but now I have an insight. NOT predictable.

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Excellent film about real people caught between two warring nations and no way out. Highly recommend it.

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A most moving tribute to the travesty of war, with superb acting, plot, direction, and some of the most horrific, disturbing, and realistic looking battle scenes I have ever seen in ANY war movie or mini-series, and I have watched quite a few. Oh, and one other unforgettable aspect of this ...Read more

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Elegant story of the senseless brutality of war. Transfer of protagonist role from one Estonian to another countryman creates a unique dramatic thread.

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Great film with little added drama as to the realities of what some of this battle must have been like. I was nicely surprised as to the impact this film had on me. Not a typical war movie much more realistic as I said before. Would recommend it to those who watch war movies and want a ...Read more

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Well acted, directed . A visual depiction of the futility of war.

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Very good but equally disturbing.

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outstanding anti war film from estonia. Heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time if that's even possible. not sentimental, direct.

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