2 Days in Paris

2 Days in Paris
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Laugh out loud hilarious film - all of the characters bring a unique perspective to life in Paris eschewing conformity, convention and conservatism. The quirky American lover is a perfect counterpoint to the zany, witty, brave and honest Parisien and her gorgeous non-conformist parents who ...Read more

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This is one of my favorite movies. I would like to know the real life Jeannot (Marion's father). Hilarious!

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Glad I watched it, can't put my finger as to why. As Krysia mentioned you find yourself engrossed in the film--topics, FR vs. AM norms, filming, characters...if one element falters the others kick into gear moving you through the film.

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Yoon Jeong

Hillariously funny. Loved it :)

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Hilarious and accurate. Been there. :-)

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Surprisingly boring. I didn't laugh once. The timing was unrealistic, artificial. No chemistry between the two main players. The dialogue wasn't witty at all.

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Velos y

I have nothing nice to say about this production other than it was set/filmed in Paris.

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Brilliant dialogues. It was funny and thought provoking at the same time—great mix.

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After having dated a French man, this movie makes so much sense, The interactions between the American and the French people is so familiar, not to mention extremely realistic. The dating culture in France is truly very different than in the U.S. The depictions of life in Paris are also great ...Read more

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I was hesitant to watch this movie after reading all the (14) comments. But I ended up giving it a try and watching it completely. I can just say it's not my type of movie... However, it does have some messages and hearing the everyday French is great if you are learning the language; it ...Read more

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I'd give it 3.5-4 stars. Very funny at times-I liked the characters, so it was engrossing for me.

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So funny, love this movie!

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I Love it - worth watching, if you are over 30! Then you may understand it better. This is French/European cinema; I dont see any Woody Allen in this really........Love the monologue at the end...

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Since I'm not a fan of Woody Allen, the whole WA affect that Goldberg maintained annoyed me. I watched this movie only because it kept showing up as something I would probably like. I would say that this is a tongue in cheek film about stereotypes. There were some spots in the last 1/3rd ...Read more

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Okay movie. Slow, witty, updated kind of Woody Allen movie.

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I think Julien Delpy is awesome in this film. Such a great actress.

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Yeah , the boyfriend is neurotic...but it's funny because it mirrors the weirdness of relationships. The film is worth watching because the Dad is so hilarious.

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Super stupid and annoying.

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one of my favorite films of all damn time.

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love it.

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What a couple of pretension jerks. I stopped watching after 10 minutes.

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Couldn't agree more.

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So I haven't watched this in years but remember enjoying it so decided to settle in and watch again. I can confidently say that I loved this film from start to finish. I'm not a huge comedy fan but found the all-too-real interactions between Delpy and Goldberg so funny, there were moments I ...Read more

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I agree totally- wotrth watching!

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