306 Hollywood
What Life Remains in the Objects we Leave Behind

306 Hollywood - What Life Remains in the Objects we Leave Behind
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My mom died in 2014 and I had a very similar need to see, touch and feel her presence by going through each and every one of her artifacts, papers, photographs, etc. We found that she had saved so many of our childhood awards and events and had in fact catalogued our lives. This film was such ...Read more

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Good for people to learn as much as they can. I haven't seen the screaming type seizures, but then maybe some of the insane behaviors I have seen were actually seizures being treated incorrectly. As the movie points out, there are all kinds of seizures and there can't be one type of cure. ...Read more

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Boring, slow depressing, repetitive. An uninteresting woman is the subject.

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Incredible, beautiful, heartwarming, unique... this film hit me right in my chest. Absolutely worth a watch!

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Very good,relatable and brings you close to home,heart and memories.

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