35 Shots of Rum
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35 Shots of Rum - 35 rhums
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Quel beau film!

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Pure gem, all in subtleties. Alex Descas and Mati Diop have the most wonderful father/daughter relationship I have ever seen on screen.

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Perfect example of why I love foreign films and jazz, you don't always know where their going, but it's nice to be allowed to fill in the blanks with your imagination and not someone elses.

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Perhaps Claire Denis' loveliest film. There might not be a better filmmaker working in France today.

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Depressing. Too realistic.

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What did I just watch? Who was Noe? Who was the German woman and her daughter? Was Josephine getting married? Why two rice cookers? I liked some scenes and the overall pace, but for me, too many things were inconclusive and therefore not satisfying.

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Really beautiful.
Moved by the father / daughter relationship and their quiet moments of intimacy.
The dance scene is one of the most sensual, clothed scenes I have ever witnessed

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Could not finish. Not sure where this film was going, stopped at the apartment scene at 1:09.

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