95 and 6 to Go
A Filmmaker Connects with Her Grandfather

95 and 6 to Go - A Filmmaker Connects with Her Grandfather
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I saw the film today at a screening at Syracuse University and I just wanted to say this movie touched my heart, I really loved it and i wanted to tell Kimi how much it meant to me but I was afraid of crying again. I thought this movie was such a powerful story and the storytelling and shots ...Read more

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"Poignant and funny, woven from family, history, geography and grief, this documentary had me at its opening shot of Kimi Takesue’s grandfather (a man the age my father would be if he still were here) going through his daily routine of countless push-ups, and moving on from there to watering ...Read more

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very beautiful and powerful while visually serene and simplistic. an amazing experience.

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