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Very entertaining! Love the credits!

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I really enjoyed it! 5 *****

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excellent short

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love the credits at the end

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Boy this really nails down what relationships ( or lack of) has become. Everyone is looking for the unicorn while they miss all the beauty in front of them. Damned Phones! >.<

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Loved it! Thanks

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Absolutely creative and unique! Good Job!

Ariel avatar

Cute short! A great reflection on dating in modern society, especially now that dating can be much more accessible, all it takes is a single swipe. I think we can all relate with Bert's swings of highs and lows, his hopes and disappointments as he searches for his 97% match.

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Worth that 7 mins!! Nice little touch everywhere. Great casting too.

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so cute

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Smart and insightful!

Anonymous picture

great and frustrating short, love the fake-out

Anonymous picture

Very cute, easy to watch but makes such a great parallel to current dating sentiment/atmosphere

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What a great short - and such a poignant message for this modern day way of dating

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enjoyable, trust your feelings and go for it!

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Nice short film!

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I love how this points to our greediness to find 100%, very smart and funny!

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Nice journey with the protagonist.

Anna avatar

Great little short!

Ester avatar

Very cute. Loved the story and the acting.

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