Always At The Carlyle
New York's Most Glamorous (and Discreet) Hotel

Always At The Carlyle - New York's Most Glamorous (and Discreet) Hotel
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Anonymous picture

I love how the film gives enough voice for all the diverse staff there!

Susan avatar

This is my favorite video ad for a hotel. I really enjoyed every scene and actor/celebrity/fashion designer appearance.

Anonymous picture

Nice tour of the hotel, but pretty boring as films go.

Anonymous picture

This is just an ad for the hotel

Anonymous picture

Relived memorable moments at the Carlyle. Also lucky to have caught Eartha Kitt.

Laurie avatar

Made a pilgrimage to see Bobby Short in 1998 - magical! Music for this film was uneven and nterviewer was a but chaotic.

Anonymous picture

stop, stop, stop what I am watching! Robert

Anonymous picture

NY pride!

Anonymous picture

Who knew?

Anonymous picture

This made me cry because I am just a regular gal, but the doormen at The Carlyle always treated me with such kindness when I walked by to check out the Cafe schedule before heading over to The Whitney to volunteer on Sunday mornings. Seeing Bobby Short, Eartha Kitt, and Elaine Stritch in the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Enjoyed the history and elegance of the hotel and the unique art deco interiors which is still preserved today. Charming story about the Carlyle Bar with Bemelman's illustrations and the history of worldy guests who have stayed there: JFK and Jackie Kennedy, Jack Nicholson, and Prince Di and ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I absolutely agree.

Anonymous picture

I thought this was really terrible. Just a series of quick glimpses of celebrities making empty-headed remarks. No depth at all.

Anonymous picture

Yes, my thoughts exactly.

Anonymous picture

^ What more would you expect from celebrities, darling?

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