American Art in the 1960s

American Art in the 1960s
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Why was only 1 woman artist covered?!

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Full of great footage and interviews. We're so lucky that Michael Blackwood was documenting these great artists at the time they were actually working and getting them to talk on camera about their methods and thought processes. Fascinating stuff.

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Good overview of this seminal period

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Roy Lichtenstein
In 1990 Melvyn Bragg interviewed Roy Lichtenstein for The South Bank Show, filming the artist in his studio in New York. Lichtenstein, who died in 1997, was the artist hailed by one newspaper in 1964 as 'One of the Worst Artists in America Today' but whose works now fetch tens…
Roy Lichtenstein: Drawings
This film was produced on the occasion of an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It provides a useful overview to the work of Roy Lichtenstein, a seminal Pop artist, and gets behind the sometimes-impenetrably-slick surfaces of Lichtenstein's canvases and prints, to show how such works…
Roy Lichtenstein: Tokyo Brushstrokes
This film offers comprehensive documentation on a major public sculpture by the Pop master, Roy Lichtenstein. Just as he drew inspiration from cartoons and advertising to produce some of the most indelible images in contemporary painting, Lichtenstein became intrigued by a brushstroke he saw in a cartoon as a "symbol"…
Claes Oldenburg
Giant hamburgers and soft toilets - his images of consumerism, executed in disorientating materials and dimensions, and environments made Claes Oldenburg a key figure in Pop Art. Today, his landscape art and large sculptures are modern monuments which have made this American artist famous far beyond the art world. Gerald…
Part of the Series: Advocates of Change
They have made a difference and revolutionized the world. They come from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe. These remarkable individuals have pioneered, developed and forever improved their industry and the world in which we live. Engaging and relevant, these individuals will change the way…
Andy Warhol
This comprehensive profile of Andy Warhol was produced and directed by Kim Evans in 1987, the same year that the artist died following complications from a gallbladder operation. Originally shown in The South Bank Show, introduced by Melvyn Bragg, the film is one of the first (and best) documentaries about…
Painters Painting
Originally released in 1973 but never before available, Painters Painting is the definitive documentary on the New York School of painters, from 1940-1970. Director Emile de Antonio (Point of Order and Millhouse) interviews artists in their studios about their art from the period of Abstract Expressionism, through Hard Edge and…
Ezra Pound: Canto I - The American Poet Reads his Work
Breaking a vow of silence, Ezra Pound reads his Canto I of 1917 to friends at lunch during the Gian-Carlo Menotti's Spoleto Festival in 1967.
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An abject lesson in how to build an art scene from scratch and what to avoid in the process. The film focuses on the seminal Ferus Gallery, which groomed the LA art scene from a loose band of idealistic beatniks into a coterie of competitive, often brilliant artists, including Ed…
The Art Of Francis Bacon
Francis Bacon is the essential British painter of the twentieth century. From the end of the Second World War until his death in 1992, he created an extraordinary body of intense and uncompromising figure paintings and portraits. Drawing on diverse influences including Picasso, Velasquez's portrait of Pope Innocent X, the…
Sol LeWitt: 4 Decades
Sol LeWitt, one of our most influential contemporary artists, has never liked the idea of being filmed or photographed. He always felt he was best represented only by his work. After twenty years of urging him to make an exception, he finally consented, on the occasion of a major retrospective…
The Artist's Studio: Donald Judd
Of the generation following the Abstract Expressionists, Don Judd was one of the key figures among American artists who pioneered new directions in the 1960s. He was born in the Midwest in 1928, eventually settled in New York and supported himself by writing for art magazines. At Columbia University, under…