American Terrorist
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American Terrorist
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9/11 Inside the Pentagon
In the past 15 years we have seen the Towers fall again and again in a series of powerful documentaries and TV shows. Movies have expertly rendered the courage of first responders and the passenger takeover on United Flight 93. But in the smoke of 9/11, one story still remains…
Infiltrating Al Qaeda
This one of a kind documentary follows an Algerian reporter Mohammed Sifaoui over a period of four months as he infiltrated an Islamic AL-Qaeda network in France. Passing himself as a religious fundamentalist, who believes in the theories of Osama Bin Laden, he wins the confidence of the network members,…
Conspiracy - An Investigation of Sydney’s 1978 Hotel Bombing
Australia was rocked in 1978 by the explosion of a massive bomb placed in a rubbish bin outside the Sydney Hilton Hotel. A dramatic reinvestigation of this unsolved crime. On the 13th of February 1978 at 12:40 am, a massive bomb which had been placed in the rubbish bin outside…
Top Secret America - The Hidden Legacy of 9/11
Part of the Series: Frontline
FRONTLINE producer Michael Kirk (Bush's War, The Torture Question) teams up with Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post journalist Dana Priest to reveal an unprecedented yet largely invisible legacy of 9/11: the creation of a vast maze of clandestine government and private agencies designed to hunt terrorists and prevent future attacks on…
Sweet Death
Terrorism is the main threat to the worlds order. The most dangerous weapon of terror is a suicide-attacker or a so-called suicide bomber. What makes young people do so? The authors of the film are looking for an answer to this question investigating the history of activities of religious sects,…
SWAT Miami - Elite SWAT Unit Tackles Drugs & Crime in Miami
In a city beset with drugs and violence, the Miami SWAT team confronts wave after wave of crimes. Miami is the gateway for cocaine in America with dealers and traffickers fighting for control, and in just the last year, 217 people were killed in drug-related violence. With an arsenal of…
Faces of Terror - Examining Terrorist Acts in France
Why are European children of immigrants like Amedy Coulibaly or the Kouachi brothers attacking their countries of birth? What leads them to reject the values of the nation which they grew up in and be reborn as extremists of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State? How does religion play in…
Shahida: Brides of Allah - Women Incarcerated for Terrorist Acts
The film chronicles the lives of women who are serving time in prison for complicity in terrorist attacks in Israel. The intimate portrait, filmed over the course of two years, tries to uncover the motivations behind the actions of these women. This film is structured as a journey into an…
Frontline: My Brother's Bomber
When filmmaker Ken Dornstein was 19 years old, his older brother David was one of 189 Americans killed in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. Some 25 years later, only one suspect, a Libyan man, was ever convicted of the terror plot, which killed 270 people…
Frontline: My Brother's Bomber Part I
Part of the Series: Frontline: My Brother's Bomber
Follow a brother's gripping search for the terrorists who blew up Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie.
Frontline: My Brother's Bomber Part II
Part of the Series: Frontline: My Brother's Bomber
Join Dornstein as he tracks evidence to Zurich and Malta, seeking the truth about the doomed flight.
Frontline: My Brother's Bomber Part III
Part of the Series: Frontline: My Brother's Bomber
Follow Dornstein as he uncovers new information about a suspected Lockerbie bomb-maker.