Episode 3 of Kingdoms of the Sky

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Episode 1 of Kingdoms of the Sky
The Rockies stretch 3000 miles across a beautiful wilderness, home to cougar, wolverine, wolves, and grizzly, and where daredevil wingsuit fliers jump from high peaks and Native Americans compete in breakneck horse races.
Episode 2 of Kingdoms of the Sky
Meet the extraordinary wildlife and people of the Himalaya--the highest mountain range on earth, where the air is the thinnest, the wind the strongest, the storms the fiercest. The higher you climb, the tougher it gets to survive.
Kingdoms of the Sky
This landmark three-part series reveals the extraordinary animals and remarkable people who make a home on the iconic mountain ranges of the world.
Mineral Explorers Season 1
Mineral Explorers is an unscripted reality series packed with adventure, travel, education, and the world's finest gems, crystals, and minerals. Each 30-minute episode of the six part series follows veteran mineral dealer, Thomas Nagin, as he travels to the richest and most remote mines on Earth, taking viewers with him…
Mineral Explorers - Bolivia: Amethyst & Ametrine
Part of the Series: Mineral Explorers Season 1
A journey into the jungles of eastern Bolivia takes us deep underground to a world of natural wonder. Join Thomas as he explores the Anahi Mine, renowned for its production of amethyst and ametrine. The adventure begins over 400 miles away in the bustling city of Santa Cruz before traveling…
Mineral Explorers - Colombia: Emerald
Part of the Series: Mineral Explorers Season 1
Every day, millions of dollars worth of emeralds are traded on the streets of Bogota - Colombia's thriving capital city. But few ever venture to the source of these elusive gems, located deep in the valleys of the Andes Mountains. Thomas leads viewers over treacherous mountain roads and past gun-toting…
Mineral Explorers - Brazil-Minas Gerais: Aquamarine and Tourmaline
Part of the Series: Mineral Explorers Season 1
This journey takes us both above and below eastern Brazil as Thomas explores Governador Valadares, the center for minerals in Brazil, as well as one of the world's best places for paragliding before traveling to Minas Gerais. Famed for its gemstones, we see how Brazil's minerals are cut, polished, and…
Mineral Explorers - Brazil-Estrada Real - Diamonds, Quartz, Imperial Topaz
Part of the Series: Mineral Explorers Season 1
This episode finds Thomas traveling the famed Estrada Real, or "Royal Road," exploring Brazil's rich diamond and gold history. En route he also discovers the odd formations at Chapada Diamantina National Park and the highly-coveted imperial topaz, found exclusively in Brazil. Along the way, we meet the "Laser Cowboys" who…
Mineral Explorers - Mexico: Silver
Part of the Series: Mineral Explorers Season 1
It's the world's largest producer of silver with modern companies ruling the trade but Mexico's silver mining tradition dates back hundreds of years and helped shape the country we know today - a country alive with history and culture. Thomas visits several colonial towns built from the riches of silver…
Mineral Explorers - Arkansas: Quartz
Part of the Series: Mineral Explorers Season 1
It's one of the most abundant minerals on Earth, but quartz is anything but ordinary. In this episode, Thomas explores the metaphysical side of quartz and a local curiosity that's long been closed to the public, The Crystal Cave. He also meets a unique cast of characters while judging the…
Yosemite: Nature’s Cathedral
Survey the most beautiful valley on Earth: Yosemite. Even for those who have not yet visited, its views are iconic thanks to stunning photos by Ansel Adams and others. Investigate the geological history of the park, focusing on its most distinctive rock type--granite.
Part of the Series: NOVA - Making North America
Experience the colossal geologic forces that shaped our continent over 3 billion years.