Speaking Truth to Power

Anita - Speaking Truth to Power
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The left always makes sure even their losers, liars and traitors are historifed as heroes by setting their narrative in stone. Or at least in a film or some books. Many people still think the Rosenbergs are innocent, too.

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Yes, and I watched the Democrats repeat history with their shameful conduct at the Kavanaugh hearings. I remember thinking when they would pull an Anita hill out of their hats to attempt to destroy him and his nomination. Ted Kennedy would be proud.

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What an incredible woman. She's a hero to anyone who places value in truth and ethical citizenship.

Anonymous picture

black or white, thomas or kavanaugh, women are doomed. lies that ooze from their sleazy predator mouths and minds fill america's toxic men's club cup & self-given privilege.

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So much poise, dignity and courage in this one woman who made the road so much easier for so many to travel...Thank you Anita!

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Such strength and integrity. Anita Hill is a woman to admire. The parallels to the Kavanaugh hearing are striking.

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To read this smarmy, racially-fueled synopsis one might gather that Hill was actually telling the truth instead of lying to keep a Conservative AFRICAN-AMERICAN from being confirmed to the Supreme Court. From Bork to Kavanaugh the Left's playbook is now crystal clear: the end justifies the ...Read more

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Funny. I think if you watched the documentary, you would realize that you sound just like the Republicans in the hearings. You’re literally refusing to learn from history and are therefore part of the problem which is now repeating itself. Congratulations on that.

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So important to hear Anita's story and recognize how she helped bring value to women's voices particularly in politics. She has become a great role model for many including myself.

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America, revealed

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I would like to thank Anita Hill for her honesty and courage. We as women have come a long way since 1991. But obviously, going through the ignorance and bullying of men has not changed. I hope that Dr. Ford's testimony will bring us closer to the realization that behavior, such as the ...Read more

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"During his time on the court, we rarely hear from Clarence Thomas. Really long periods of years go by where Clarence Thomas does not ask a single question, he rarely writes opinions, but he has remained a very stalwart member of the Court's conservative bloc."
-- Kate Zernike, NYT. The ...Read more

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That is so crazy to think: an all white male committee half-way believing Ms. Hill, until the next day, when Thomas dares them to push back on his claim of racism. Conversation over for the committee. How could Thomas have claimed to have been lynched, even metaphorically? He was rubbing ...Read more

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It was appalling to see how mismanaged this sexual harassment case was handled by the U.S government. Of course, as anyone with eyes and rational logic can see, there's still sexual harassment in America and a difficulty to have an open and honest conversation about it. However, this movie ...Read more

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So inspiring, and so timely...Kavanagh hearings going on right now.

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how dare Clarence Thomas try to claim racial discrimination when the woman he harassed was also black. and he's still a justice 27 years later! disgusting. so inspired by Anita's pose, attitude, and sophistication through such a trying ordeal.

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What a great woman who open doors for many of us.

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Touching, Inspiring - the very essence of strength.

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This film was really great. Opened my eyes to a lot I didn't know before.

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Very moving. Very empowering. Makes you want to find and use your voice for social justice.

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Great film. I thought she was brave at the time. She was smarter than the white men sitting in judgement of her. They lacked what she had -- honesty, dignity and courage.

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Very good film. Informative. She had nothing to gain for herself really. Plenty to lose, but she still stood up and fought for other women. Brave, smart. Classy.

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Women are still fighting sexual harassment, but today I hope that those men would ask the right questions now. I am so glad that she is still encouraging others. What a brave, smart, and dignified woman . Thank you Anita.

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I'm very glad Dr. Anita Hill didn't keep silent,

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It's clear this brave woman and her story has helped to inspire a social movement around sexual harassment. #MeToo.

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It should be available more places for all to watch!

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Not long ago the concept of "Sexual Harassment" was virtually unknown. ANITA reveals how this changed, and how one woman - testifying before an mostly male U.S. Senate committee including so-called progressives like Joseph Biden - gave cover to millions of other women, and men, allowing them ...Read more

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