Antonia's Line

Antonia's Line
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Ruth Ann

This has been my most loved movie since it came out over twenty years ago. I was so excited to see it on Kanopy. I categorize it as a hero movie and recommend it to all women, all ages.

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and men as well. A real Gem. I watched this decades ago and LOVED IT! Just put this on the top of my 'to-watch' list - waiting for Kanapy to restore my credits. restore.

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lovely. very special.

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whimsical bordering on magical realism. if you like that kind of thing you may enjoy this

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I lived in San Francisco for 18 years.That kind of magic really does exist. I wished I had never left.

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Not my kind of movie.

Karen avatar

Wonderful wonderful wonderful.

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Moving, funny, poignant. A real treat.

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Wow, what a great film. The score was absolutely perfect. Nothing has come to an end...

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A formidable philosophical tale on life. Amazing feminine characters. Worth watching.

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I love this film and hope to see it again in another 10 yrs.

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Favorite movie of all time

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I just love Antonia - how she is true to herself and seems to rise above other's judgments or opinions. A gem of a film that stays with you and can be revisited again and again.

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so true!

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