Are the Chinese People 'Real' Citizens?
Part of the Series: China's Challenges Series

Are the Chinese People 'Real' Citizens?
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What do the Chinese People Believe?
Part of the Series: China's Challenges Series
China is an ancient civilization, with many traditions and philosophies passed down over the generations. But what values are shaping today's China? Confucian ethics? Selfless Communism? Market economy individual initiative? What about sex and religion?
Are the Chinese People Happy?
Part of the Series: China's Challenges Series
While President Xi Jinping talks about "The Chinese Dream," the Chinese people talk about healthcare, education, housing and retirement. Even after vast economic development, the fate of many Chinese remains in doubt. China's leaders must deal with the "Big Four" social concerns.
China's Challenges: China Can Produce. Can China Create?
Part of the Series: China's Challenges Series
China seeks to be a "moderately well-off society." What new technologies is China developing? China must stress innovation, creativity and protect intellectual property rights to move beyond the assembly line.
China's Challenges: Where is China’s Economy Going and What is the Impact of Pollution?
Part of the Series: China's Challenges Series
While China is an economic superpower, its cheap-labor advantage is ending; its air and water are polluted; and its society is fractured by rich and poor. How can China achieve its goal of becoming a "moderately well off society" in a world of turbulent markets and a society of social…
Reel China Series
Today, communist ideals are thrown over board, one by one. They are replaced with a strange mixture of ultra-liberal recipes and Chinese solidarity, the ideology of which is yet to be written. This is the backdrop for an outstanding collection of compelling documentaries by Chinese filmmakers that tell us about…
China Urbanisation Migration and Related Issues
Included are the megacities of Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen as well as the World 's most densely populated city of Hong Kong. A vast floating population from rural areas migrates to and from these cities. Rural villages are visited to show why people leave for work and lifestyles in cities…
A Gesar Bard's Tale
As a boy, Dawa was an illiterate Tibetan nomad whose life revolved around herding yaks. At 13, his life changed: through a series of visions, Dawa acquired the gift of telling the epic story of Tibet's King Gesar. Now, at 35, Dawa receives a salary from the government as a…
Returned: Child Soldiers of Nepal's Maoist Army
Imagine being forced to leave your family and fight in war you don't understand - and you are only eleven years old. Sadly, for many of these child soldiers in Nepal this is a reality and the peace process has not solved their problems. These children quickly discovered that the…
Dragon's Paradise
Part of the Series: Mekong Region
The fourth documentary in the collection focuses on the omnipresence of spirituality in the Greater Mekong. The values of prosperity, as they are enhanced by the Western World, are in complete opposition with the values of renouncement of material wealth commended by Buddhist philosophy. As a matter of fact, over…
The World's Vegetable Garden
Part of the Series: Mekong Region
The third documentary in the collection deals with the vast farming lands that the waters of the river irrigate. The most impressive beneficiaries of the river's lavishness are the orchids and the lotuses. All along the Southern part of the course of the stream, the climate is very warm and…
The Yangtze River's Green Sailors
Part of the Series: Reel China Series
Descending from a long line of fishermen on the Yangtze River, Liu Gujun had to redefine his professional activity when the construction of the famous Three Gorges Dam began. His father, who has recently passed away, had to stop fishing the river due the growing pollution that the dam has…
The Antechamber of Hell - The World's Largest Refugee Camp
A gripping portrait of trauma and resilience of the Rohingya people in the world's largest refugee camp. The film approaches the Rohingya crisis from the personal point of view of the victims. Gang rape survivors talk directly to the camera with unprecedented candor. Building upon a heartening thought from Albert…