Are We Drunk?
Cricket, Surfers Paradise, B&S Ball & Final Wrap

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Dumb, Drunk & Racist - Exploring Australian Stereotypes
Hosted by journalist Joe Hildebrand, DUMB, DRUNK AND RACIST is a ground breaking series that puts Australia under the microscope. Joe initally travels to Delhi and beyond to investigate this anti-Australian phenomenon. Along the way he meets 4 Indians who believe everything they've heard aboout us - then invites them…
Who Are We? - Allora Show, Mt Isa, Canberra & Brisbane
Episode 5 of Dumb, Drunk & Racist
In this episode Joe introduces the guys to Bushies, Bogans, suburban battlers and a Nobel Laureate scientist. Are we dumb, or do we just like to hide our light under a bushel? The episode starts off deep in the bush when Joe takes the Indians to the Allora Country show.…
Student Attacks - Melbourne
Episode 3 of Dumb, Drunk & Racist
Although many Australians think of Melbourne as our most liveable city, for Indians it's infamous for attacks on Indian students, in fact education advisor, Radhika advises students not to risk studying in Australia at all. In tonight's episode Joe and the Indians investigate the nature of these attacks - were…
Big Brother of Christmas Island
Twenty years ago, a hard-drinking, fiery British immigrant called Gordon Bennett, came to the remote Australian territory of Christmas Island to become General Secretary of the Union of Christmas Island Workers. By the time he died in 1991, he was known as 'Tai Ko Seng' which, roughly translated, means "big…
When the Snake Bites the Sun
When the Snake Bites the Sun is the third in a trilogy of films which presents a compelling account of the return by a group of dispossessed Aboriginal people to their ancient tribal grounds in the north of Australia. It follows on from the highly acclaimed and award-winning Lalai-Dreamtime (an…
Bombora - The Story of Australian Surfing
A definitive history of surfing in Australia, Bombora tells the story of Australian beach culture through our surfing champions, writers, pioneers, entrepreneurs, mavericks, legends, drop-outs and drop-ins. The two-part series follows the rise of surfing and its culture in Australia, using archival footage and classic Australian music to illustrate its…
White Wash
Narrated by Grammy-winner Ben Harper with Tariq "Blackthought" Trotter of the Roots, this is the story of African-American surfers. Told from the perspective of black surfers from Hawaii, Jamaica, Florida, and California, this controversial, probing film looks deep into America's painful and pervasive legacy of slavery and exclusion. From surfing's…
Water Treatment and Distribution
Episode 8 of Everyday Engineering
Learn how raw water from nature is treated to make it safe for drinking. Then trace the distribution system that supplies water under pressure to users. Professor Ressler demonstrates two crucial technologies in this system: the flocculation chamber and the water tower.
OUT in the Lineup - Uncovering the Taboo of Homosexuality in Surfing
Two gay surfers embark on a global journey to uncover the taboo of homosexuality in surfing. They become part of an emerging community prepared to step out of the shadows of secrecy and create a more open and accepting surfing culture.
The History of Australian Surfing
A companion to Nat Youngs legendary History of Surfing - the biggest-selling surfing book ever - this groundbreaking documentary presents the history of surfing in Australia from its origins in 1915, through its development with wooden boards, the Malibu revolution of the 50s and 60s, the shortboard revolution of the…
Dancing with a Dog
In Dancing With a Dog we experience the rhythm of daily life on the Rio Amonea. Kowire and his wife Withawo get up early to take care of their eight children, preparing food and making handcrafts for sale. Kowire is helping his son to build a house, and after work…
Desperately Seeking Sheila: Episode 1
Part of the Series: Desperately Seeking Sheila
4 bush bachelors sign up for a dating initiative in the hope of finding the woman of their dreams. Over a weekend in Perth, the guys meet a bevy of beautiful British and Aussie women before finally pairing off.