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Fractions - Basic Ideas
Fractions are ways of writing parts of whole numbers. This unit looks at the basic concept of fractions -- what they are, what they look like, why we have them…
Fractions: Adding and Subtracting
This unit covers how to add and subtract simple fractions, and how to add and subtract mixed fractions by turning them into improper fractions.
Fractions: Multiplying and Dividing
This unit describes how to multiply fractions, and how to divide fractions by turning the second fraction upside down.
This unit discusses the meaning of decimals and how they are related to fractions. Included are rounding to given numbers of decimal places or significant figures. Irrational numbers are also…
This unit looks at the meaning of percentages and how to carry out calculations involving percentages. The use of the percentage button on calculators is also explained.
A ratio is a way of comparing two or more similar quantities, by writing two or more whole numbers separated by colons.
Rules of Arithmetic
Evaluating expressions involving numbers is one of the basic tasks in arithmetic. But if an expression is complicated then it may not be clear which part of it should be…
Surds, and other Roots
Roots and powers are closely related, but only some roots can be written as whole numbers. Surds are roots which cannot be written in this way.

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Integer Operations into Negative Zone
Key concepts explained: negative numbers, integers, addition and subtraction of integers.
Visualizing Decimals
Expand into the realm of decimals by probing the connection between decimals and fractions, focusing on decimals that repeat. Can they all be expressed as fractions? If so, is there a straightforward way to convert repeating decimals to fractions using the dots-and-boxes method? Of course there is!
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Sequences and Series
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Pushing the Picture of Fractions
Delve into irrational numbers--those that can't be expressed as the ratio of two whole numbers (i.e., as fractions) and therefore don't repeat. But how can we be sure they don't repeat? Prove that a famous irrational number, the square root of two, can't possibly be a fraction.
Similar triangles --finding an unknown height in a similar triangle --tangent ratios of varying angles --hypotenuse, adjacent, and opposite sides --using a calculator to find the tangent ratio of any angle --using tangent ratios to find an unknown adjacent or opposite side length
Functions and Graphs
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Geometry and Vectors
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Surprise! The Fractions Take Up No Space
Drawing on the bizarre conclusions from the previous lecture, reach even more peculiar results by mapping all of the fractions (i.e., rational numbers) onto the number line, discovering that they take up no space at all! And this is just the start of the weirdness.
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