The Art of Living

The Art of Living
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Suicide Attempt Survivors
YOU CAN'T ASK THAT asks suicide attempt survivors the awkward or uncomfortable questions you've always wanted to know the answers to, but never had the guts to ask.
Millennium: Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World
The Western world's desire to remake other societies into its own image has robbed our modern world of the gifts of other cultures. By exploring the values and different worldviews that hold many tribal societies together, this series reflects on what the modern world can learn from tribal societies as…
The Tightrope of Power
How do tribal societies maintain social order and harmony without the vast legal institutions that we rely on? The tribal practice of democracy through consensus is put to the test when members of Canada's Objibwa-Cree tribe have a constitutional struggle with the federal government and the Mohawk community squares off…
Black in Latin America
Black in Latin America is the third of a trilogy that began in 1999 with the broadcast of Professor Gates's first series for public television, Wonders of the African World, an exploration of the relationship between Africa and the New World, a story he continued in 2004 with America Beyond…
YOU CAN'T ASK THAT asks centenarians the awkward, inappropriate or uncomfortable questions you've always wanted to know the answers to, but never had the guts to ask.
Brazil - A Racial Paradise
Part of the Series: Black in Latin America
Discover how this "rainbow nation" is waking up to its legacy as the world's largest slave economy.
Our Asian Neighbours: Indonesia
Our Asian Neighbours is a series of films that aims to convey everyday life in Asia and promote greater understanding of often complex societies. This series is devoted to Indonesia and brings to life its people and their culture. Each program captures the lifestyle of a different individual in their…
Mistaken Identity
Where does individual identity begin and end? Western societies strive to answer these questions through biology - conception, birth, adolescence, maturity, death - while tribal cultures define identity through relationships with others and rites of passage with the living and the dead. Hear stories from the family life of an…
The Shock of the Other
Host David Maybury-Lewis revisits the Xavante of Brazil to see how they have changed since 1959, and then journeys into the Peruvian Amazon to unravel the mystery of the Mashco-Piro, a tribe that has chosen to remain hidden from the outside world. Only by understanding "the Other" can we get…
At the Threshold
Travel to France to explore the most perplexing dilemmas of the Western world - heart versus mind, body versus soul, the desires of the individual versus the needs of society. Through stories of family life in both tribal and modern societies, understand why our survival as a species may now…
Haiti & Dominican Republic - An Island Divided
Part of the Series: Black in Latin America
Join Professor Gates as he explores how race has been socially constructed in the Dominican Republic and as he tells the story of the birth of the first-ever black republic in Haiti.
Cuba - The Next Revolution
Part of the Series: Black in Latin America
Find out how the culture, religion, politics and music of Cuba are inextricably linked to the importation of slaves.