The Art of Men's Waxing

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Creative Brazilian Waxing Techniques
Two experts, Eva Mileski and Teresa Halencak, demonstrate Brazilian bikini waxing using hard wax and soft wax on female models, with and without disposable panties. Eva and Teresa guide you through preparing the skin, trimming the hair, positioning the client, decreasing client discomfort, required equipment, proper wax consistency, and skincare…
Flawless Body Waxing
This award-winning video features three experts -- Eva Mileski, Ofra Gaito, and Nicole Reposeur -- who demonstrate various body waxing techniques on the legs, bikini area, feet, arms, hands, and underarms. These advanced demonstrations use different waxes (hard, soft, and roll-on wax), different body types, and various techniques, including speed…
Advanced Brazilian Bikini Waxing
Let 'er rip with some new techniques and colorful, creative twists on Brazilian bikini waxing. Ashlie Long demonstrates how to provide four different types of bikini wax services, ranging from the traditional to some fresh, up-to-date options: Classic Brazilian, Sphinx, Customized Designs (with template and freehand), and Color. The demonstrations…
Threading: The Ancient Art of Hair Removal
Threading is an ancient form of hair removal from the Eastern world that is becoming the newest rage in the West. It involves precisely twisting a length of regular cotton thread along unwanted hairs. The twisting action traps the hair and lifts it out of the follicle. Like with tweezing,…
Facial Massage: The Definitive Collection
Four renowned experts bring their own distinctive facial massages to their treatments, including European facials, stone massage, chair massage, and lymphatic drainage massage. CIDESCO diplomat, Rita Page, demonstrates a detailed facial cleansing massage. Meade Steadman, LMT, demonstrates three facial massages: one incorporating hot and cold stones to help stimulate circulation…
A demonstration program which shows in detail the procedure and techniques used to complete a "Virgin Head" bleach and "Retouch" bleaching. The "Virgin Head" bleach shows two techniques applied to the same model --"Roots to Tips" and "Heat Bond to Tips". The program includes guidelines to product selection and advice…
Facial Treatments - Cleansing
This program demonstrates the steps in a cleansing treatment, from the cleansing of the lips and eyes, to the techniques for applying toner, moisturiser and eye cream. It also shows assisting the client from the couch and cleaning up of the equipment.
Facial Treatments - Peeling
This training video demonstrates Facial Treatments of Peeling
Facial Treatments - Skin Analysis
This training video demonstrates Facial Treatments of Skin Analysis
High Frequency Treatments
This training video demonstrates techniques of High Frequency Treatments.
Throat Treatment
This training video demonstrates throat treatment techniques.
Aromatherapy Body Massage
Demonstrates the techniques used for Aromatherapy Body Massage.