Asia to Africa
Part of the Series: The Story of Cats

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The Story of Cats - The Geological History of Wild Cats
Discover how the first cats arose in the forests of Asia, how they spread across the continent and later came to conquer Africa. We reveal how cats evolved with an in-depth look at lions, servals, caracals, cheetahs, tigers, fishing and sand cats. Track the story of cats into the Americas,…
Into the Americas
Part of the Series: The Story of Cats
We discover how cats first crossed from Asia into North America and how they went on to become the top predators of the continent. Today there are 13 feline species in the Americas - from the mighty jaguar, to the urban mountain lion, to the curious ocelot and from the…
Ten Million Wildcats
Australia is the only continent completely overrun by feral cats. It is estimated there are now some ten million domestic cats gone wild and that each year they kill billions of native animals. Where did they come from? Why did they spread so quickly? And how much of a role…
Playful Creatures
Part of the Series: Nature - Pets
In the first of a two-part series, Playful Creatures investigates how our favorite pets get in touch with their wild side through play. Discover how the pastimes of parakeets, marathon-running hamsters, wall-climbing cats, revered rabbits, and Peruvian dogs are just a whisker away from the wild.
Show Cats
The first program features champion cats, human showmanship, pride, some dirty tricks, buckets of tears and jubilation as all being part of the competition as cat owners go head to head for the cat world's highest honor in Show Cats. As the preparations are made for the event of the…
Namibia 2: Etosha National Park
Etosha National Park, at over 2.2 million acres, is one of the largest game reserves for wildlife in Africa. Here viewers are in for a rare treat as hosts Jake and Mieke DeBoer take them along on their own personal safari. We discover the heart of the park is called…
Wildlife Special: Great White Shark
Great white sharks, like the big cats of Africa, were once hunted as trophies. Jaws portrayed them as insatiable, undiscriminating killers. Yet very little is known about these modern-day monsters. Their mating, for example, has never been observed and, thanks to their nomadic habits, the sharks are notoriously difficult to…
Tiger on the Tiles
The domestic cat is a contradiction. No other animal has developed such an intimate relationship with humans while at the same time demanding, and getting, such independence of movement and action. The cat leads a double life. In the home it is an overgrown kitten, gazing up at its human…
A Curious Hoax?
Nature can baffle us so much we don't believe what we see. In these two stories David Attenborough discovers the curiosities that have led to accusations of forgery and have ultimately helped us rethink evolution.
Siberian Tiger Quest
Part of the Series: Nature
Ecologist Chris Morgan travels to far eastern Russia, in search of the Siberian tigers that hold rank in the frozen forests. The film features the work of Korean cameraman Sooyong Park, the first individual ever to film Siberian tigers in the wild. Park spent years in the forest tracking and…
Part of the Series: EARTH
Both humans and wildlife depend on water for survival. This episode explores how a misuse of water can lead to unparalleled destruction; however, sharing our water with wildlife does not only benefit the wild, it may also be a crucial step in our own survival. In Africa, big wildlife including…
Elk in America
This award-winning wildlife documentary captures the life cycle of elk amidst the stunning scenery of the Rocky Mountains. Filmed over three years by renowned wildlife cinematographer, Gary W. Griffen, the unforgettable images and original soundtrack will immerse viewers in the elk's natural environment. Narrated by actor Stacy Keach, Elk in…