Asperger Syndrome: Success in the Mainstream Classroom

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Sample clips from the program's interviews that reveal some of the key issues covered in the video's segments.
What Is Asperger Syndrome?
A concise explanation and description of the disorder including common examples of behaviors children with the disorder may exhibit.
Introduction to Mainstreaming
How parents and school systems can work together to determine the proper placement of children in mainstream or special needs classes based on their strengths and challenges.
Mainstreaming Tips for Teachers, Case Managers and and Instructional Aids
The interviewees reveal practical techniques to integrate children with Asperger Syndrome into mainstream classrooms. They describe how the techniques make use of the way these children think and absorb information…
Essential Social Skills Training
Explains how even academically strong students need to master basic social skills to succeed in school and describes ways to build those skills.
Parent Advocacy is an Art
Describes ways parents and schools can work together (and avoid conflicts) to help students succeed.
Preparing to Succeed
Shows how to stack the deck for success by focusing on strengths and anticipating/addressing challenengs before they create significant problems.
The Bright Side of Asperger Syndrome
Focuses on the benefits of having a student with Asperger Syndrome is a mainstream classroom, especially when teachers use that student's interests and talents to their advantage.
Section Summaries and Resources
Summaries of key points from each program segment and suggested resources to access for more information.

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