Backstabbing For Beginners

Backstabbing For Beginners
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John Michael

This is one of those nice liberal antiwar movies that were a lot more common before Hollywood turned exclusively to superheroes. Follows in the footsteps of flicks like Lord of War and The International. Preachy, sanctimonious, solidly scripted, largely missing the point.

Not to say ...Read more

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One could make a difference and he did it... the world has enough dirty greedy SOB without those in the UN

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Consummately rendered through and through --acting, editing, script direction -- don't watch it though, unless you have immunized yourself to the cynicism of what is generally taken as "the real world" -- meaning, in this case, real politick at the international level -- uncompromisingly ...Read more

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Exceptionally well surprise, the whole of the mid-East!!!to put it succinctly, I allude to Kevin's assessment......30

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Need to watch again. Missed most it.

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A - Accountability
B - Betrayal
C - Corruption
D - Deception
Eyes Wide Open :->
Eyes Wide Shut ÷(

Pick Your Poison *

Good Flick & Entertaining

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True story of the corruption inside the UN's Oil for Food program in Iraq during Sadaams regime and after. It was compelling and Ben Kingsley was good, of course. Theo James used only one facial expression throughout, but he's cute so I guess it's okay. I recommend it.

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