Band of Sisters
Catholic Nuns and Social Justice in the U.S.

Band of Sisters - Catholic Nuns and Social Justice in the U.S.
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Band of Sisters - Feature
In the tumultuous 1960s, Catholic sisters embrace the call of Vatican II, venture forth from their convents, and become leaders in the feminist, civil rights, antiwar and environmental movements. Fifty…
Prayer Beads
A Catholic nun and a Hindu woman find out they pray in similar ways.
Sister Kathleen in Prison
Jailed for civil disobedience, Sister Kathleen Desautels witnesses the absurdity and the tragedy of our prison system.
Elise Garcia's Discernment
At the dawn of the new millenium, a feminist awakens every morning with an insistent question about becoming a nun- but first she has to become a Catholic.
An Anti-Racism Group
Nine sisters of different races form a group to expose institutional racism, praying with Scripture for the way forward.
Sister Miriam Therese MacGillis on Death
Death came into the world long before humans evolved- so are we really to blame?
Visitation House
In San Antonio, two Catholic sisters provide homeless women of color and their children a loving home, and the support to realize their potential.
Sister Pat on the Phone
The families and friends of immigrants who are jailed by ICE often have no idea where they are or how to help them. Sister Pat Murphy counters this cruel system…
The Crowleys
A socially active Catholic couple in the 1960s serves on Pope Paul VI's birth control commission. Two years later, they are crushed to hear that the Pope has overruled the…
The Documents of Vatican II
Five nuns consider the impact of the teachings of Vatican II (1962-65) on the lives and beliefs of Catholics.
Betty Barrett and Theresa Kane
Two dear friends meet, and one helps the other reminisce about the major risks she took in her life for civil rights and academic freedom.
Designers of Sacred Space
A long, fruitful collaboration between two nuns produces dynamic places of worship that embody the inclusive spirit of Vatican II.

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