Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story)

Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story)
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A group of teens learn that their aimless hedonism has consequences. A little slow but OK overall.

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Instead of mass shootings, school perhaps need more of this sort of mass porn

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Only the French can make a movie entirely about sex this aimless, pointless, thoughtless, pretentious, and boring. The metaphors were crude, obvious, and unimaginative. The "conclusions" were like something one finds on a milk carton, a cigarette pack, or a fifteen-second commercial message ...Read more

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It was better for a short narrative.

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very good movie

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I enjoyed the story in the film. These seem like the french version of hipsters but the bodies are nice to look at. I give it 4 stars.

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I stopped half way. The only reason this is not considered seedy is the fact that it is European.

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Bang on, excuse the pun.

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So, I was not exactly a nun in training in high school. I found this to be very believable. The reason it isn't "filth" is because, A. sex is a natural bodily function, and B. the story was very insightful about the emotional lives of the teens. If you actually pay attention and watch the ...Read more

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This wasn't obscene, but it was very pornographic. I am disappointed this filth is allowed to be called art...

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Obscenity would have been better. The titillation was a cover for the utter emptiness of the whole exercise. Your comment made me realize why this got onto Kanopy, which has a bit of an agenda ("all art is political"). In the end, it was nothing but bragging about how great her abortion was. ...Read more

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Lots of pretty young people running around half-naked and doing drugs -- and no real happenings. Thank you and au revoir!

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