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I watched this a little while ago. The movie is excellent. The acting is top notch and the story feels very real. I really liked the subtle way in which the life in communist East Germany is portrayed. (4/5)

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Excellent film.

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A very good movie.

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Subtle and understated; wonderfully played by the leads. A really fine movie.

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So beautiful. Great movie experience. Excellent actors.

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a very good movie

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Excellent protrayal of life in the east, and the humiliation and sacrifices required. Very well acted.

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In trying to put history into perspective, it rewarded me with a powerfully simple glimpse into the East Germany
that was off limits. It certainly deserves that silver bear award.

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What a tender story. Lovely from beginning to end. Final Images are outstanding. Could really do without the song over the final credits though -- silence would have been preferable.

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Superb film from one of the greatest living filmmakers.

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This engrossing film depicts life for a doctor in a provincial region in East Germany during 1980. Strong cast delivers a solid script. Four and a half stars.

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Excellent film by an attentive, careful director. He really seems to know what details to include in a given scene. The scenes flow together very well while they maintain both suspense and a believable plot. A beautiful story and piece of film-making. I would really like to see more of ...Read more

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Love the Nina Hoss/Ronan Zehrfeld combo in Petzold's films. I particularly like this DDR-set film because it doesn't hit you over the head with state oppression and a more cliched depiction of life in the East like you see in so many other East German films. Highly recommend!

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Ah, I didn't want it to end, I was so wrapped up in their lives. I'd forgotten what life in East Germany was like.

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Beautifully done

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Depiction of a totalitarian regime is exercised with restraint, which makes it a fine film, because if one reads and watches closely the words and actions by Barbara and other roles in this film, one can still recognise the extent to which life was shaped and reshaped under such ...Read more

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