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I really enjoyed this one. All of the performances rang true for me (except maybe the mom who's a little *too* hateable), and I completely bought in to the slow, cautious bond that developed between the sisters. The final act took some turns that felt a little unearned, but I appreciate an ...Read more

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Yep, yep, yep! The last scene in the film gave me the willies. There are people like that roaming the landscape. Very creepy ending.

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I would like to thank the producers for portraying Austin as it really is rather than the illusion they try to sell on the travel channels. I would also like to thank the casting director for giving me the opportunity to hear the beautiful voice of Sophie Reid and the musicality of the entire ...Read more

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You have to take some things in context: I liked this little film. It is, after all, an indie. Why didn't the people around this woman get a clue that she was unbalanced and violent, with a grudge to bear? In any case, it was good to see Jobeth Williams again

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Frank Sherman

I haven't seen this picture but when I read your comment section Catherine I think maybe that has to change. I think it because what you said about the film being an indie. THey" don't make them like they used to, yes. BUt, they make indies becuase they WANT TO. Art people, money poeple. They ...Read more

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Hello Sherman, this is Catherine whose posting re: "Baracuda" you commented on. How are you? I saw another terrific indie movie last week. The name of this one is "The Summer of '84." This is the best movie I have seen since I signed up with Kanopy. I would be interested in what you think ...Read more

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Hello Frank: Thank you for responding to my post. I went back and re-read the synopsis for that film. And yes, I stand by my review of that film. I have gone back and reviewed the film in my mind several times. The part I found especially chilling was the final scene when the vagrant girl is ...Read more

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I'll save you my entire repertoire of superlatives and simply say, this is a remarkable film. It is a rich, deeply engrossing character study that touches on the impact of both circumstance and choice on the human experience. It provides no answers, yet I come away satisfied. A rare and ...Read more

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Spectacular film, fantastic acting and a great script that slowly and masterfully builds razor-sharp suspense. I was expecting something of a standard creepy room-mate thriller but this is a poignant and deeply troubling story about the dark side of identity, family and inheritance.

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Did I miss something? Did this movie just end without any explanation of who the naked (dead?) woman was in the opening sequence? Did it end without any explanation at all as to why Sinaloa is driven to kill? This is a story that no one bothered to make an ending for. Don't bother watching. ...Read more

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I just watched it. There WAS no dead lady in the river at the beginning of this film. Ergo, your entire analysis is specious, at best.

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I really would have appreciated it if you would have prefaced your review with the customary, polite disclaimer: "Spoiler Alert".

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You could had stop reading as soon as it hit your brain that it was a spolier

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By the time one realizes a "review" is a spoiler, it's too goddamned late. Take a cue from professional reviewers and don't spoil it for everyone. Ebert is rolling over in his grave.

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I sure am glad that Sinoloa is not MY sister! Overall, a well done movie.

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I'm only a 24 minutes into this movie...and 2017 we can now assess relatedness by using commercial DNA tests ;-)

Ct'd: I'm not sure how to rate this film. It is pretty creepy and suspenseful. SPOILER: I think it's somewhat odd that the Austin-based family members ...Read more

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