The Battle of Algiers

The Battle of Algiers
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Educational. 4.5/5.

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Absolutely amazing. As well as all the other important thoughts it forces you to reflect on what a wonderful media black and white films could be..

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same ole song ....sadness

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very good

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Classic film. Must see

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I love this GAME

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Md. Sakhawat Hossain

Great film.

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Good film. Seeing how nations expel their occupiers and gain freedom is always interesting. The French Commander was honestly my favorite character: he's sharp, cruel and relentless (serving in two of largest wars in the world will do that), but it IS his job. His duty is to win. "Should ...Read more

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Great film indeed....I read non professional actors were used...gave it an almost documentary feel to it.....realism...

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new at kanopy will watch.hope new movies also listed

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Also highly recommend reading "Fifty Years of 'The Battle of Algiers'" by Sohail Daulatzai after watching this film.

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thanks, ill add this to my reading list this year!

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I always wanted to watch this movie, i did it today and it didn’t disappointed. The methods used by the french army still in use today in the fight against islamic radicalized groups and same on the other side. 62 years old cinema, ageing so well! so current...

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That's the way it was, is and shall be.

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Left wing academic self flagellation porn

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Mark M.

does that mean you are a right wing ignoramus sadist celibate?

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are you okay?

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Evidently not.

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The father of post-colonial, grassroots post-modern filmmaking. With so much modern cinema reveling a Western political bias, The Battle of Algiers looks at the North African struggle to free themselves from European occupation through the lens of the indigenous.

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Excellent demonstration of revolutionizing terrorism tactics that shaped modern era terrorism. I've heard the book on the Algerian Revolution is good as well.

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Amazing film

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Had to watch for a history course, loved it.

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Brutally honest.

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