This Beautiful Fantastic

This Beautiful Fantastic
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Just Wonderful!!!!!!

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Beautiful indeed. A bit of a love story without it being the focus. Intergenerational community, personal growth, rising to and overcoming challenges.

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Lovely and sweet, very simple plot and inspiring about gardening and following your creative dreams, but a bit patriarchal.

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Heartwarming human interest story, so beautifully done!

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Suitable for 8 year old adults who believe in Mystery and Magic - like me.

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Lovely. Very much worth your time.

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Wonderful human story and beautifully filmed

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Beautiful movie and heart warming scenes!

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This movie was charming, and made me feel amazing. It's a beautiful story. Thank you to the writer. Remember your imagination and soften your heart.

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Yes, yes, yes!

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I thought this was such a charming film! DEFINITELY feel she should have ended up with Vernon, as Billy was a bit too stereotypical hottie-styled-to-look-disheveled. Billy's character was the only underwhelming one; otherwise, they were very endearing. The cinematography/imagery was very ...Read more

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As the title says: This is beautiful, fantastic.

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I thought the acting was poor by both lead actors. The actress was not able to present a consistent picture of abnormal behavior suggestive of any actual psychiatric disorder. There was no chemistry between the lead actors and their relationship was not believable. It was a cute story but ...Read more

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A nice film, with excellent cast, photography, and music. The lead actress does an excellent job not over or under playing her character. While this story glosses over some behavioral abnormalities, it is fun to watch. Bonus extra: I didn't see any cell phones!

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Lovely! Heartwarming.

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A wonderful family film. There is not a weak performance by any of the talent and most of the cinematography fits the mood. The pacing is good as well.

I docked it one star because some of the audio was cheesy and/or mixed too loud or soft. Also, several story points were obvious far ...Read more

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Sweet ending.

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Love the movie. It pleasing the eyes and warm the heart.

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A wonderful film!

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Fantastic movie!

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Five starts for this one!

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Wonderful movie, well acted, nice cinematography.

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A must watch! I loved it.

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Delightful. Uplifting. Loved it.

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Beautiful quirky characters, wonderful story, a pleasure to watch.

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Beautiful! Don't ask too many questions and enjoy the fairy tale.

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Warm, quirky, a little predictable. Felt it was missing something. Tom Wilkinson was wonderful and I loved Anna Chancellor's character. The flower garden stole the show :)

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Keeps your attention ,wonderful story.

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A serene, tender, humorous film with lovingly developed characters. Beautiful.

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sweet and charming - a nice, easy film when you're not in the mood to think but dream.

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One person accurately described it as a "British Amélie," which piqued my interest as I loved Amélie. This Beautiful Fantastic is watchable and has moments of charm but it could be better. The curmudgeon has a few scene-stealing laughs: "The garden fought back."

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It definitely reminded me of Amélie and a tiny bit of Cold Comfort Farm.

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I *loved* it.

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Excellent, but I wish she ended up with the other guy.

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I was thinking the same thing!

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There seems to be a variety of feelings about this film. I was moved by it myself. The strange odyssey of a strange human plant named Bella. The transformation was wonderful and miraculous. The players around her were all essential to the story and brilliant in themselves. On the whole, it ...Read more

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It took me a while to get into this movie, but then I ended up loving it and watching it several times. This is a wonderful movie - an absolute delight!

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Beautifully shared. Chilled entertainment on a Sunday evening, like a bedtime story.

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A little clumsily put together, although its heart is in the right place. Still, I wouldn't watch it again... I'd pass in favor of "Penelope".

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Beautiful movie. Loved the characters and the garden!

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Moving, beautiful... made me feel the world is beautiful and life profoundly good.

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A good movie to watch on a cool Saturday morning. Loved it!

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So fantastically beautiful!

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Crappy, British Amelie. Pass.

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Absolutely soothing and pleasing!

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wonderful movie!

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I found all of these 93 minutes to be deLIGHT-full. Not just a film but an experience of beauty and glee, warmth and chuckles, quirks and wisdom; I would have liked it to go on and on . . .

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Lovely little film, great actors.

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