On Beauty
Challenging Beauty Standards in Photography

On Beauty - Challenging Beauty Standards in Photography
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There really is beauty in everything and in all people, and this story really highlights that. I also feel like this story is especially relevant as more and more people have been challenging beauty standards society and the media have created.

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So glad I watched this.. LOVE the affirmation of the individual. Medicine for a monotonously ableist, ageist culture. Enjoyed the insight into Kenya and Brother Ali closing song is amazing. Great filmmaking

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Joanna Rudnick

I first encountered Rick’s work at the Genetic Alliance conference in 2009 where I was screening my first film. I spent the weekend speaking about my unseen genetic condition and was stuck by what it must be like to live with a genetic change that was visible to the rest of the world. How are ...Read more

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what a beautiful hearted photographer he is- v much appreciate his personal quest. wish there are ppl like him in this world where many needlessly suffer.

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Iffah Suraya

so worth watching.

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