Belladonna of Sadness
Kanashimi no Beradonna

Belladonna of Sadness - Kanashimi no Beradonna
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WARNING: ANIMATED RAPE IS STILL RAPE and it happens in a horribly graphic pornographic way within minutes of the start of the movie. There should be a disclaimer as well as the usual warning that this is an 18+ older movie where you must tick a box. Stopped watching instantly. Not worth the ...Read more

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tximista :

In a word? Uncompromising. It's a series of events that unflinchingly descends into tragedy, giving a cruel edge to the dreamy music and imagery. A unique and surprisingly heavy movie.

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pretty fucked up this is considered a "Classic Film" by the "Canon" all of this amazing ~~animation~~ is primarily rape imagery :-( 0 stars for me

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Not a fan. Worth a watch if only for the artwork and animation. The suffering of the heroine, Jeanne, in particular, feels wildly fetishistic and the attempt to touch on themes of female empowerment is undone by the fact only Jeanne is the only real female character who is given any degree of ...Read more

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Horrid yet beautiful. An excellent depiction of women who fought in the French Revolution and the inquisition of witches.

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Incredible film. Doesn't hold back: is ruthless yet sympathetic. An amazing and powerful score and visuals to match. As gorgeous and striking as it is NSFW. Must-watch.

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Such a beautifully animated movie for the 1970's with amazing music that transports you into the heart of the era. At times a heartbreaking and emotional experience but it all builds into the greater journey and overarching lesson the film has to tell.

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