The Best of Boys in Love
Seven Award-Winning LGBT Short Films

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Barry Purves' Achilles features the Greek "bad boys" Achilles and Petroclus as they battle the Trojans and their desire for each other in this visually stunning animated film.
Boot Camp
John Scott Matthews tribute to underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger is a cross between a leather bar fantasy and an RKO musical that is "charmingly droll, deftly done, without a wasted…
Dirty Baby Does Fire Island
Todd Downing's "inspired and riotous" (Village Voice) Dirty Baby Does Fire Island tells the tale of the bizarre journey of "Dirty Baby", who washes up on the shores of this…
Death in Venice, CA
P. David Ebersole's Death In Venice, CA features a repressed academic who finds himself drawn in by the seductive wiles of his landlady's son.
Karen Black Likes Me
David Briggs' Karen Black Likes Me is a weirdly funny homage to the 70s cult classic Trilogy of Terror.
SPF 2000
Patrick McGuinn's film is an homage to early Italian sexploitation film
Twilight of the Gods
New Zealander Stewart Main's Twilight of the Gods is a sub tropical tale of a Maori warrior who nurses a European soldier back to life.

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Anonymous picture

Mind-numbingly dull collection shorts from the 90s. Most of the concepts were tired then and age hasn't done them any favors. Acting, script,'s almost amazing but there's nothing, absolutely nothing, to redeem this title.

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On the Roof - En La Azotea
A festival favorite LGBT short film from Spain about a group of boys spying on their neighbors. The heat's bearing down on the high-rise rooftops of the suburbs. Every day at the same time, five boys climb to the top of one of them to stare at the house next…
The Wilding
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