Bicycle Thieves

Bicycle Thieves
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Mark M.

A tragic film that has both the integrity and conscience to portray the suffering and indignities faced by the working poor. I think this film is just as relevant today as it was when it was filmed considering that the poverty I see in San Fransisco (worse than what I saw living in Rome and ...Read more

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Beautiful film, I have read some comments that say that the ending seems unresolved. Though this is Neo-Realism in its full definition, it's not made to have a happy ending because real life is not like movies, real life sometimes doesn't have happy endings.

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THANK YOU .The film is excelente!

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Neo-Realism at its finest! A poetic portrait of Italian postwar hardships shown through the lens of two heartbreaking character arcs; Antonio's descend to desperation and Bruno's ascent into premature adulthood.

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I've watched "Bicycle Thieves" several times. I think this is the last time that I'll watch it. It's a very emotional picture, but I don't consider it to be outstanding.

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A grounded film with a very mundane feel. I liked the ancient ruins appearing in the distant background and how it ends with an ethical quandary.

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Ehhh, this movie should have been an 8 minute short. Complete waste of my time. "Greatest movie ever made," are you kidding me? People that love this film are trying too hard to be sophisticated and cultured. This was probably a good movie 70 years ago, not so much now. Don't waste your ...Read more

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Mark M.

This was a time when cinema was seen as a force to evoke social change rather than the current self indulgent escapist fantasy that's characteristic of formulaic Hollywood. You're right though it's not a film for those with limited worldly experience and rank at the bottom end of intellectual ...Read more

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Frank Sherman

I'm so confused by this movie. I like movies that are a little bit more UNIQUE. I know it's a classic. I can't really say anything abotu it. But still. Throw some more in there.

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visually beautiful, artistically driven, lost souls

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A tale of utter desperation. Quite a stunning movie, much deserving of it's many accolades!

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on of the best films i've ever watched. one of the saddest too.

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Wow! Totally absorbing. I also felt that the ending was unresolved somehow but maybe that is what gives it ... " stickiness" The nature of the personal relationships on so many levels is riveting.

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- Growing up in poverty during the 1950's, in a small town in northern Italy, I recall how much my parents prized their bicycles, and the tender care with which they were lavished. Farmers had horses or mules, but dad was a tailor, and cars existed only in our wildest dreams, to be realized ...Read more

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Mark M.

thank you for sharing your experience. I agree, this film is just as relevant today, it could be in any major city anywhere in the world,

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What a great review and childhood story

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Very emotional but beautifully told.

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Movie leaves me sad and thankful.

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Ean James

If you had told me a film about a man getting his bicycle stolen would make me emotional I would not have believed you. Yet here we are. A film that makes you reconsider any judgment you may have passed on some guy walking down the street. The film ends with three back to back portrayals of a ...Read more

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it isn't just a film it's a reminder of how well we have it here and how much we take for granted. what a moral dilemma need engenders and how just a bicycle might mean the difference between surviving or not.

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A very emotional and interesting story! First time watching this film and I am impressed - cinematography and the movement is well done to create suspense. The ending is not satisfying, however intriguing story...

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WOW! WOW! WOW! Amazing is not the right word, give me a deserving word please...

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Beautifully filmed in classic B&W. The story held my interest to the end. I simply was unable to guess how it would end. I also was intrigued by the little boy who looked like he was about 6-8 years old when this movie was made in 1948. I was 7 going on to 8 that year, so the little ...Read more

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The emotional layers in this film are incredible - so conflicting. After Tonio's bike is stolen on the first day of a job after his not worked for over 2 years, he faces moral dilemmas that might break any person. The father-son bond goes through many changes. Yes, it is quite heartbreaking. ...Read more

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Agreed, beautiful film, heartbreaking in so many ways, particularly if you've ever had your bike stolen, but the father-son relationship is the most moving part for me. I just want to give this kid a hug!

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This film isn't overrated. It's beautiful. Great performances by non-actors. Gorgeous photography.

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4 1/2 stars. Very hard times depicted in a simple, but beautiful film.

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Fascinating slice of film--worth watching despite being a bit overrated.

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Aren't all major films overrated? That's how they get to these lists?

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Awesome Movie! Interseting Language!

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