Bill Cunningham New York
A Portrait of the Beloved Fashion Photographer

Bill Cunningham New York - A Portrait of the Beloved Fashion Photographer
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I have learned a lot. Thanks Bill.

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Wonderful portrait of a beautiful soul.

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what a fascinating uniquely impassioned man & life. will def read the bk next

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Seeing the man who wrote his posthumously published memoir Fashion Climbing, it strikes me that Bill Cunningham's true love was just in the actual seeing, observing, and taking in of innovative style, with great fitting, interesting clothing and hats made with wonderful fabrics and a touch of ...Read more

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Loved It!

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I just read Bill Cunningham's memoir Fashion Climbing a few weeks ago, and it was lovely to see the same person on the screen as on the page.

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The decency and kindness of this man is, I think, one of the most important parts of this movie.

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I just love what Bill Cunningham did, for the city, for fashion, for us! Thank you, Bill.

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