Black Christmas

Black Christmas
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My personal, favorite slasher of all time. It follows every trope perfectly subverting those when needed to create the perfect film with in the genre.

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Although this may be considered a genre cult classic, it really doesn't hold up well and I found this to be cheesy (not in a good way) and quite boring. Not recommended.

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This has been on my "to watch" list for years and I was happy to find it here. This movie was great! Creepy. Worth it for Margot Kidder's campy nonsense. I didn't even know that Andrea Martin was also in this film. The appropriate amount of "show, don't tell" for a good suspenseful ...Read more

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The thing to keep in mind is that this was made BEFORE the Slasher Film existed as a genre--in fact, you can see certain tropes being solidified that will be picked up and perfected by the directors of HALLOWEEN, FRIDAY THE 13th and all the films that were dervied from them. I can draw a ...Read more

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It picks up a little towards the end but still not worth bothering with. Preceded by several years Carpenter's Halloween which is far more taut and effective, Battleship Potemkin compared to the mediocrity displayed here, storytelling that is both sloppy and predictable, feeble attempts at ...Read more

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Surprisingly good horror film!! Looking back through today’s lens (44 years after the film’s release), at points the plot feels predictable and the effects cheesy. But in the context of the evolution of slasher films, “Black Christmas” is an important genre milestone, released four years ...Read more

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hmmmmmm....this sucks

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Can you tell us WHY this sucks?

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Waaaay better than it needed to be. Nasty, suspenseful, and well-written. Way better than Bob Clark's other Christmas movie.

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Excellent, well acted (except for Margot Kidder who really hams it up), almost bloodless, classic, horror film. The killer is a real "sicko" (as we would say in the 70s).

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One of my favorite Christmas horror movies. A solid slasher film that is genuinely creepy and wonderfully 70's. Margot Kidder is also fantastic.

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A genuinely frightening slasher film that, paradoxically, has an evocative Christmas atmosphere. Margot Kidder is very funny and memorable as a wise-cracking and foul mouthed sorority sister.

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