Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath
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This underrated film is among Bava's best. And I'm sorry, but I've seen both the AIP version (the one dubbed in English) and this version (dubbed in Italian, with subtitles). Despite the regrettable lack of Karloff's great voice, there are several reasons to prefer this version. First of ...Read more

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Please Kanopy, get the version with English speakers speaking English. I can read the lips and see they're speaking English. What's up with having an Italian overdubbed version of an English speaking film that is THEN subtitled? It's simply absurd.

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Thanks for your comment! We've checked in with our supplier and this version is the only one that can be made available at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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BLACK SUNDAY gets Mario Bava all the attention, and while it's a masterpiece in visuals, BLACK SABBATH is a masterpiece in actual horror. "A Drop of Water", the third story in this anthology feature, is one of the scariest things ever committed to film. A brilliant work for fans of horror.

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One of my favorite horror movies of all time! I prefer the Italian subtitled version to the AIP version. The sequence of the stories is better and it's not edited down.

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BBOOOO!!! not worth it if i can't her the iconic Karloff voice.

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I just watched it, in Italian, with English subtitles. Sure sounded like Boris to me.

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Dr. Jeff

Agreed! Does anybody know how to get the English version? It's supposed to be an option.

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Many Kanopy movies say the language is English, Italian when what they mean is that the movies are Italian dubbed in English. This is an internal taxonomic problem that I wish Kanopy would be a little clearer about.

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Dr. Jeff

Thanks for replying! I agree that the company should clarify that.

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This is a wonderfully realized horror film that is a great deal of fun to watch. It is one of Mario Bava's best creations and filled with frightening and memorable images.

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I saw this when I was way too young in the 60s and it scared me like no other film before (THE WURDALAK story especially, which, incidentally, is probably one of the first instances of a commercial Horror Film in which Evil actually wins ! (something which was quite unheard of in the USA ...Read more

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